Busting Myths About Contact Lenses


Many people who wear glasses have considered trying contact lenses but are put off by intimidating myths about how difficult, dangerous, or downright uncomfortable they are. If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority of these myths have been proven to be untrue. In reality, contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to glasses that most people find convenient, comfortable, and simple to use.

Still unsure? Here are six common myths people believe, and why they are false.

Contact lenses are uncomfortable: False

Whilst it’s true that a small minority of people may find contact lenses uncomfortable, most people find that after the first few days of wearing them they forget that they even have them in! This is because nowadays lenses move naturally with your eyes and are designed to let as much oxygen enter as possible to keep your eyes hydrated.

Contact lenses can get stuck behind your eye: False

This is one of those myths that never seems to disappear, but it is simply not possible for a contact lens to move to the back of your eyeball, let alone get stuck there. This is because there is a thin membrane that covers the whites of your eyes and connects to the inside of your eyelids, making a barrier that prevents it from happening.

Contact lenses are too much hassle: False

It may be fair to say that contact lenses require a little more effort than glasses if you wear monthly ones that require looking after. But it’s honestly not that much time or effort, especially once you get used to the routine. Alternatively, if you wear one day lenses

that can be thrown away after wearing, then you’ll find they’re no hassle at all!

Contact lenses are too difficult to wear: False

You might feel this way the first few times you put in and take out your contacts, but you can rest assured that once you get used to it, you’ll practically be able to do it in your sleep! Your optician will explain everything at your initial appointment and give you time to practice; plus, you can always look up tutorials online if you’re struggling.

Contact lenses can’t be worn with makeup: False

Wearing makeup with your contact lenses is absolutely fine. The only thing to remember is that you should put them in first and apply your makeup afterwards, as this will help prevent makeup from getting on the lenses. Likewise, at the end of the day be sure to take out your contacts first and then remove your makeup afterwards, so that you don’t rub your contacts too hard or get makeup remover on them.

Contact lenses will fall out of my eye: False

Contact lenses are made from soft material and are designed to fit perfectly to the natural shape of your eye, which means that they are extremely unlikely to fall out. This is true even if you’re doing something active like playing sports, so there really is nothing to worry about!

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