Is Lake Lanier Haunted? List of deaths in Lake Lanier 2022


Lake Lanier Haunted: With over 600 Fatalities since 1994, Lake Lanier is one of the most haunted lakes in America. There are higher chances of ending up dead in Lake Lanier than in any other lake in entire Georgia. Lake Lanier was built over a wealthy town called Oscarville primarily occupied by the black community.

More than 250 families and 15 businesses were displaced for constructing Lake Lanier. The town like any other had cemeteries which were also moved to higher ground.

Is Lake Lanier Haunted?

In a 2015 video, a YouTuber and diver explored the gravesites of the old colony after spotting it on Google Maps.


Located just a 50-minutes drive from Atlanta, Lake Lanier was actually a favorite place for tourists to spend their weekends. However, in 2018 when the data revealed that there is an average of a boating incident every 10 days in Lake Lanier, people started avoiding it.

Since then the legends of Lake Lanier Haunted activities started taking place. Many people also swore about ghosts in the lake but no evidence is yet revealed supporting those claims.

The Lake is spread around 38,000 acres (59 square miles) with limited lifeguards and patrolling vehicles deployed, most of the patrolling vehicles are around the docking points. Many people usually ignore the safety protocol and miss out on carrying a flare gun while riding the boat.

The lake is roughly 160 feet deep, according to the Marine Corps. Swimming Pools in Georgia have a depth of 9 to 11 feet. One should never try to swim in a 160-depth lake without prior experience of floating in deep water bodies.

Is Lake Lanier Haunted?: Whether or not Lake Lanier is haunted is totally based on your religious and personal beliefs. The same house could have different meanings for an atheist and a church-going Christian.

Most large water bodies in the United States have multiple deaths a year. Recreational area disappearances are not unusual in large lakes spreading to acres of land. Smith lake in Alabama had 25 boating deaths alone in 2019, excluding drownings.

List of deaths in Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier underwent 57 boating fatalities and 167 drownings between 1999 and 2019. The data reduced as the State of Georgia took efforts in securing the lake. From 2015 to 2019 alone, Lake Lanier saw 55 drowning-related deaths.

The death count was reduced in the pandemic year 2020 to two unfortunate deaths. However, in 2021, there were 4 reported cases of drownings in Lake Lanier. During the last holiday weekend, a 20-year-old drowned in Lake Lanier which spiked the discussions on whether Lake Lanier is haunted or not.

The exact count of deaths couldn’t be ascertained but the locals claim around 600 deaths drowned since 1994.

So those were the facts about stories behind Lake Lanier being a Haunted Lake. Do you believe Lake Lanier is haunted or not? Let us know in comments

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