Amber Heard’s ACLU is asking Johnny Depp to pay $86,253.26: ACLU vs Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Net Worth 2022: Height, Age, Weight, Amber Heard Verdict Now, Movies, Girlfriend, Wife
Johnny Depp Net Worth 2022: Height, Age, Weight, Amber Heard Verdict Now, Movies, Girlfriend, Wife

ACLU vs Johnny Depp: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) onboarded Amber Heard as their brand ambassador because of her stand on ‘issues of gender-based violence’ according to general counsel Terence Dougherty’s testament.

ACLU, a registered charity, has filed to be reimbursed $86,253.26 for their time and cost of Document preparation. However, the demand is presented to Johnny Depp, and no request is publicly shown to Brand Ambassador Amber Heard.

New York CPLR 3122(d) provides for the reasonable expenses incurred by any non-party to the case. In the 2015 divorce settlement, Amber Heard pledged 3.5 Million Dollars for the Divorce settlement to the ACLU, but she paid only 1.3 million dollars to date.

The delay in payment of charity funds to ACLU from the Divorce settlement was used as ground by Johnny Depp’s legal counsel. The legal counsel called for ACLU documents to testify upon the following facts.

  1. Amber Heard paid 350,000$ directly from her accounts.
  2. Another 350,000$ was received from an anonymous account that the charity claimed to be linked to Amber Heard.
  3. 100,000$ was received directly from Johnny Depp’s account.
  4. 500,000$ was received from a charity linked to Tesla founder Elon Musk.

For the 3,500,000 USD paid by Johnny Depp in the Divorce settlement for ACLU, only 1.3 Million USD is directly or indirectly accounted for by the charity.

In a 2016 article, ACLU acknowledged that “Actress Amber Heard Donates Millions to Support the ACLU and Its Work Fighting Violence Against Women”. The article creates confusion among ACLU donors because, in court, the group claimed they didn’t even receive half of the pledged money.


The group stated in court that “she was having financial difficulties” while being asked about the remaining monetary payments from Amber Heard’s Divorce Settlement, which Johnny Depp paid.

Johnny Depp supporters didn’t take this news well and accused ACLU of defaming an innocent man. Twitter user Katherine, grunted at the charity “you’re asking a victim to pay you $90,000 because you had to tell the truth in court about his abuser?”

While some supporters of ACLU monthly subscription also joined the conversation and warned the charity to stop donations

While the arguments are still hot in the court for Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. The case against Johnny Depp by the ‘charity’ in question definitely helped Depp to gain more trust and respect among his loyal fanbase.

In the coming days, Jury and Judge will put up their opinions and will announce judgments in the 50 Million USD Defamation Case.

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