London elections 2022 and Growing Islamophobia among Gujarati NRIs


Growing Islamophobia in India is no new news in New Delhi, the capital of the Republic of India. However, a new instance of growing Islamophobia was recently highlighted by an NRI (Non-Resedential Indians) on social networking website. Indians currently constitute 2.5% of the British Population.

As the Indians are gaining popularity and a significant share in British Politics, there are several instances of hate against particular communities by immigrants in the United Kingdom. Gujarati and Punjabis are among the dominant Indian Communities in the United Kingdom.

The recent ordeal is from London, where a local council election will be held next week. In the shared instance on Reddit, the user shared how his fellow Hindu neighbor warned him against voting for Muslim Candidates in the London elections in 2022.

I live in London and we are having local council elections next week. The labor candidate is a Muslim lady of Middle Eastern origin and conservative is Gujarati Indian. The lady is the sitting councilor and when she came home to ask for votes, I mentioned my disappointment at my current work and she gave her justifications. We disagreed but it was cordial. The Conservative guy comes along with a big Gujju gang that has kids in it.

The first thing he notices is my name and asks “You are a Hindu right?” I asked why and he said that “Do you know labour candidate is a Muslim and she is allowing many more Muslims to settle in this area”. I asked him whether she is buying houses for other Muslims and he knew I wasn’t one who would fall for Islamophobia.

He changes his track and says we will bring accountability to local council. I ended up laughing. Their whole party is corrupt and the rot goes all the way up to PM and he promises me accountability. We have heated debate and finally he signs off by saying “Enjoy more Muslim neighbours”. All this happened in front of second generation kids watching.


While there is no possible way to verify the given story, it seems there is growing Islamophobia among NRIs in London as well. Will that make a major difference in upcoming elections? We hope not.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who himself belongs to Conservative Party recently visited India and signed contracts with Adani Industries in Gujarat. His move to visit Gujarat was seen in a positive shade among right-wing supporters in the United Kingdom.

Gujarat is the home seat of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Polling stations will be open between 07:00 and 22:00 on 5 May – but as long as you are in the queue at 22:00 you are within your right to cast your vote.

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