Meijer’s Black Friday Announcement and Important Updates


You can see both Meijer’s Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday ads everywhere which have been merged into a two-day deal. Compared to its rivals, there are some fantastic bargains on electronics and clothes as well as toys, video games, and athletic items at Meijer’s Black Friday sale.

This year, Meijer’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales begin at 6 am on Thanksgiving Day, and 6 am on Black Friday, respectively.

When does Meijer’s Black Friday begin?

With Meijer opening at 6 am on Thanksgiving, we anticipate seeing all of their Black Friday bargains available. We recommend that you come early between mid-November until December. Be prepared to wait in line since it is probable that they will be restricting the number of consumers in the shop at one time to comply with local social distancing regulations. For those who cannot make it on Thursday, the shop will reopen on Friday at 6 am.

Is it possible to shop for Meijer’s Black Friday discounts online?

This year, Black Friday is mostly accessible online, with many merchants offering the same excellent deals as last year. Meijer is not an exception to this rule. All of their Black Friday deals are available online, and in-store beginning at 6 am. Thanksgiving Day! This sale will go fast, so get your shopping done as soon as possible.

Is Meijer going to price match Black Friday’s offers?

Meijer does not price match Black Friday discounts from other retailers. Not at all. Every day, Meijer’s pricing is among the lowest in the country. For even greater Black Friday deals, check out their 2020 ad.

On Black Friday, what time does Meijer open?

In most Meijer stores, the doors are open 24 hours. So, there’s no need to wait in the cold. On Black Friday night, you may already be at the store to take advantage of the best prices on Black Friday morning.


Meijer is launching a week-long Black Friday deal instead of a series of advertising over Black Friday week. mPerk offerings, on the other hand, are likely to be used by Meijer to entice customers to shop in-store rather than online in the future.

On Black Friday, what hour does Meijer close?

Most Meijer stores are open around the clock. The Black Friday sale products will be gone by the morning, but you’ll still have the rest of the day to do some more shopping.

Meijer’s Black Friday specials begin at exactly what time?

There will be Black Friday deals at Meijer starting at 6 am on Black Friday next year. Meijer often has deals on Thursdays and Fridays around this time.

What time does Meijer’s Black Friday sales end?

By 11:59 pm on the indicated date, the majority of Meijer Black Friday deals had expired. Even after the Black Friday sale has ended, the store’s many departments are still offering discounts.

About Meijer

His name was Hendrik Meijer, an immigrant from the Netherlands, and he created Meijer’s in Greenville, Michigan. During the Great Depression, a local barber named Meijer decided to get into the grocery industry. 

When Frederik Meijer was 14, he was hired as one of the first workers of his father’s firm. In the 1960s, it went from a grocery shop to a full-fledged department store. However, even though it only has roughly 200 locations in Michigan and the neighboring states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin, it is one of the top retailers in the United States today.

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