Payton Gendron’s Manifesto Mentions ‘Great Replacement Theory’ & Brenton Tarrant As Buffalo Mass Shooting Inspiration

Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free
Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free 1

The Buffalo mass shooting shooter Payton Gendron had posted a 180-page manifesto on Google Drive. The Tops Friendly supermarket murderer was driven to kill by the ‘great replacement theory.’ It states that native inhabitants are being urged to extinction by migrants.

Payton Gendron’s manifesto reveals his twisted reasons for carrying out the massacre on Saturday, May 14, 2022. At least 10 were killed, and 3 were injured. 11 out of those 13 were African Americans, 1 was the supermarket’s security guard – a recently retired police officer, and others were the employees.

The manifesto of Payton Gendron focuses on the great replacement theory. The theory claims that Democrats favor migrants from the other countries for votes while deliberately outnumbering whites in the US.

When The Reporter Times asked Payton why he chose the upstate New York store for his mission, he replied that it had the same zip code, 14208, and it had the highest black percentage close to his hometown where he lives.

Payton’s manifesto shows that he had planned and outlined everything prior to hitting the store. It included a sketch map of the store, which he didn’t let anyone know before the shooting. It’s because it would have fallen in the hands of law enforcement, as well, as he didn’t want to tip anyone off.

Per the manifesto, the internet radicalized Gendron rather than anyone he met in real life. It also stated that he got inspiration from Brenton Tarrant, who is a white supremacist. In 2019, Tarrant had live-streamed himself when he murdered 51 Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Gendron said that Tarrant radicalized him the most when asked who or what had spurred him to mass murder blacks. He killed 10 people while 3 were injured. In the manifesto, Pay ton mentions another white supremacist and mass murderer, Dylann Roof. In 2015, Roof mass murdered 9 blacks at a South Carolina church in 2015. Another inspiration was Norwegian killer Anders Breivik who had killed 77 people back in 2011.

Per police reports, out of the 13 whom, Payton shot, 11 were blacks while two were whites. Gendron followed his inspiration from Tarrant and live-streamed his massacre on Twitch with the name jimboiboiii. Tarrant had used Facebook Live for streaming whatever he did.

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Twitch removed Gendron’s video less than two minutes after being uploaded to their servers. A spokesperson from the streaming platform said that they were devastated upon learning that their platform was used for such an activity.

The manifesto of Payton Gendron remained live/online on Google Drive for several hours before it was taken down. Google removed it, citing that the manifesto’s content had violated its terms and conditions. However, the screenshots are still available on the internet in the form of pictures and PDF files.

The snaps available online include numerous racist memes. Though the manifesto is believed to be authentic, Gendron used a fake photograph of himself. The photo he used to identify himself was actually of comedian Sam Hyde.

In that image, Sam Hyde poses outdoors and has an assault rifle in his hands. Mass shooters have repeatedly used the same photo in the past. It is possible that Gendron used Hyde’s image for humor. It could have been a twisted attempt at humor.

The names of the victims have been released. The first one is 86 years old Grandmother Ruth Whitfield. She was shopping for eggs in the supermarket. The second one is security guard Aaron Salter. He was the father of three children. Salter fired at Gendron after seeing him shooting other shoppers. But Salter’s bullets couldn’t harm Payton as he had body armor protection.

Payton Gendron Manifesto

Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free
Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free 1
Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free
Payton Gendron Manifesto PDF Download Free

As mentioned in his manifesto, Payton Gendron hates blacks, Jews, left-wing people, and transgender. He has written about his monotonous life in Conklin, New York, in the document. Payton lives around 200 miles or 3.5 hours away from Buffalo.

Per Gendron, he was never diagnosed with a mental disorder. Police arrested the killer / suspect when he walked out of the supermarket. They took him before the court on Saturday night. Payton has been charged with one count of first-degree murder.

Gendron said that he understood what the charge was. But his lawyer said that he would deny it in court. As opposed to his manifesto, he rejected the charges for his crimes. But, in his manifesto, he was supposed to confess and plead guilty to his crimes.

It looks like Gendron would face federal hate crime and terrorism charges. All of it could see him put to death.

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