Who are Buffalo Mass Shooter Payton Gendron’s parents? Civil Engineers Paul and Pamela Newbury Gendron have a nice family

Who are Buffalo Mass Shooter Payton Gendron's parents? Civil Engineers Paul and Pamela Gendron have a nice family
Who are Buffalo Mass Shooter Payton Gendron's parents? Civil Engineers Paul and Pamela Gendron have a nice family

Payton Gendron has been identified as the shooter who carried out Buffalo mass shooting / massacre on Saturday, May 14, 2022. At least ten were killed, while three were injured. All the victims who were shot dead and injured were identified. It happened at a Tops Friendly market store on Jefferson Avenue at a supermarket located in Buffalo.

The 18-year-old shooter, Payton Gendron, lives in Conklin, about 200 miles from Buffalo, New York. Peyton Gendron carried out the shooting in a predominantly Black neighborhood. 11 of those 13 people shot were Black – African Americans. Only two were white. Buffalo police and concerned authorities see the incident as a hate crime and a case of racially-motivated violent extremism.

Erie County sheriff John Garcia referred to Payton’s act as pure evil and racially motivated hate crime. As confirmed by his lawyer, Payton Gendron hasn’t pleaded guilty to the killings at the Tops store. The shooter, Payton, had scribbled some words on his rifle.

Who are Payton Gendron’s parents? Buffalo Mass Shooting Shooter

Peyton Gendron is one of the four children of Paul Gendron and Pamela Newbury Gendron. His parents – father and mother – are civil engineers and work for the New York State Department of Transportation. The Buffalo shooter is the oldest of the four kids / siblings.

Gendron’s neighbors said they are an upper-middle-class and lovely family. Nancy Santucci, one of their neighbors said that they seem like regular people, and it didn’t seem like any one of them could go to Buffalo to carry out a racially motivated shooting.


Santucci told The Reporter Times that the mass shooter Payton Gendron graduated from Susquehanna Valley High School in 2021. The family threw a big party in the home and decorated the lawn with balloons. The neighbor said that the Buffalo suspect had brought a human-sized Brontosaurs.

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The Facebook profile of Payton Gendron’s father, Paul, reveals that he graduated from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and went to Madison Central High School, Old Bridge, New Jersey. He is a native resident of Conklin, New York. Paul has been married to Pamela since 2001. There is not much information about Payton Gendron’s mother, Pamela Newbury Gendron, on her social media accounts.

Reportedly, Payton Gendron had uploaded a 180-page manifesto on Google Drive. He claimed to have been radicalized by the internet and not anyone he met in real life. However, he said that Brenton Tarrant, who was responsible for the killings of 51 Muslims in New Zealand in March 2019, inspired him for the act.

While mass-murdering, Payton Gendron live-streamed the video on Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. The manifesto of Payton Gendron is based on the Great Replacement Theory, and his radicalization occurred in the early pandemic days. The self-described white supremacist began planning the attack in January 2022. He selected the Tops Friendly supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo because it was close to his hometown as well as has the highest black population percentage by zip code.

In Payton Gendron’s manifesto, he has described his step-by-step plans for the shooting. He had mentioned his mundane life, what he eats for breakfast, and how he would go to the Buffalo’s Tops supermarket, wear his tactical suit & helmet and carry his rifle. He had also written that he would live-stream the attack.

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  1. I by no means condon what this animal did however not a single mention of the number of blacks killed by other blacks in a single day in Chicago imagine what that number is when you add up all the other major cities in america.

  2. Black on black crime is real and it’s abominal- there is no disputing this fact. However, it’s connected to centuries of degregation, white supremist ideals, non-caring white people, lousing law-makers, complacent black politicians as well.

    If a black person came into your community, which I assume is predominately white, and took out your “white” community, black on black crime wouldn’t be on your mind. You would probably be more focued on the one black individual who used his hate to destroy you.

    You wouldn’t be interested in learning how you and your ancestors have benefited/ profited, skin celebrated-allowing your legacy to continue relaively unscathed. You wouldn’t want that black killer to explain why he killed you and or you loved ones.

    I challenge you to try think outside you entitled box. Try not to conflated to sad realities at the same time.

  3. I challenge you to try to think outside your entitled box. Try not to conflate the two sad realities at the same time.

  4. What is most difficult for me to understand is how a poor migrant from Africa, or other third world countries, can come to this country penniless and in one generation, or less, become successful. Yet after 5 or 6 generations of freedom from slavery (something very few would support today), and many millions of dollars in taxpayer supported programs, we still have educated black folks whining about “centuries of degregation, white supremist ideals, non-caring white people, lousing law-makers, complacent black politicians”. Actually things were moving forward pretty well for the black community until LBJ and the dims enacted their Great Society program, taking black fathers out of the home and destroying black nuclear families. Rather than trot out the usual very tired tripe, why don’t you demand school choice, enact discipline in the class room and teach children that they don’t have to rely on government largess, or criminal behavior to succeed in life. I would say Dr. Ben Carson should be the model for that behavior. Master P is another serious educated black person who sees it important to work for his community. These people actually do something rather than just sitting back and complaining. By the way, like all mad dogs, I think they should take Payton out and shoot him, no trial should be necessary for we have his video, and we sure don’t need to house and feed him for the next 60 years.


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