Ray Liotta Obituary & Funeral Service: Goodfellas star dead at 67 and Cause of Death nor clear

What disease does Ray Liotta have? Health & Illness of Goodfellas actor
What disease does Ray Liotta have? Health & Illness of Goodfellas actor cancer

Ray Liotta Death Cause: Hollywood star Ray Liotta widely known for his stint in crime classic Goodfellas died. However, the cause of death is not clear immediately. He was in the Dominican Republic filming for his upcoming movie at the time of his death. The actor was 67 years old and died in his sleep.

Stars, fans, and family are alike mourning his death. Goodfellas co-star Lorraine Bracco said she was shattered hearing the terrible news of Ray passing away. When he died, Liotta was shooting for the upcoming film Dangerous Waters, his representative, Jennifer Craig, told The Reporter Times. He had been a part of the critically acclaimed film Field of Dreams.

Ray Liotta Cause of Death: How did he die?

At the moment, not many details are available regarding the death reason of Ray Liotta. He passed away on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Another Goodfellas co-star Robert De Niro said that he was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing.

Liotta made his last public appearance with his 46-year-old fiancée, Jacy Nittolo. The couple was pictured holding hands on May 1, 2022. The duo clicked when they walked down their neighborhood in Pacific Palisades. On the day, they enjoyed the day after having a meal at Spruzzo Italian restaurant. They got engaged in December 2020.

Reportedly, Nittolo came along with Liotta to the Dominican Republic. She didn’t comment on Liotta’s death immediately. (Also check: ‘Harassed, Humiliated, Threatened’: Amber Heard Testimony in Closing Arguments on Trial Day 23.)

The actor posted on social media on May 3, 2022. He had posted about his upcoming project on Instagram. In it, he talked about the directorial venture of Elizabeth Banks, Cocaine Bear, which was scheduled to be released in 2023.

A source close to Ray told TheReporterTimes that he died in his sleep while he was in the Dominican Republic filming for Dangerous Water, directed by John Barr. There was no update regarding his health on Ray’s personal Instagram account. So, a glance couldn’t identify any public announcements of health issues, either new or ongoing.


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Ray Liotta was known for his icy blue eyes and tough-guy persona. In the 1990 release of Martin Scorsese’s film Goodfellas, he portrayed mob rat Henry Hill. The said director is known for reusing the same set of actors repeatedly. But he didn’t work with Liotta again. On being asked why he didn’t work with him again, Liotta replied that we would have to ask Scorsese instead.

In real life, the cinematic gangster Liotta was a gentle guy. He has never been reported to have been involved in any fight as he liked to avoid it at all costs.

Liotta was awarded a Golden Globe nomination in 1987 for Something Wild, directed by Jonathan Demme. In 2005, he was awarded a Primetime Emmy for his guest role. He had brief stints in movies like Cop Land, Corrina Corrina, and Unforgettable.

Liotta’s latest film Dangerous Waters is about a sailing holiday gone wrong when a teenager comes across the dark past of her mother’s new boyfriend. It also stars Odeya Rush, Eric Dane, and Saffron.

Ray Liotta’s Obituary

Ray’s Finance shared her grief on Ray’s demise. She wrote: “My life these past couple of years have been nothing but truly magical. Ray and I share a deep love that I will cherish in my heart forever. We laughed daily and we were inseparable. The chemistry was wild in the best way He was everything in the world to me and we couldn’t get enough of each other. The kind of real love that one dreams of. He was the most beautiful person inside and out that I’ve ever known…and even that is an understatement.” 

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