Redditors and Twitteratis Join in to Take Down “ProLifeWhistleblower”

Redditors and Twitteratis joined in to destroy a website asking citizens to snoop on Women seeking an abortion. The website is hosted with GoDaddy and currently asking people to “Tip” about women seeking abortion in Texas.

Texas citizens outraged by the act of snooping on Private citizens have called in to send Shrek NSFW memes to the ProLifeWhistleblower.

The website outlines a legislative decision to not allow abortion based on “heartbeat” observation. Although there is no mention of spying on women and tipping against them to anonymous websites in the law.

Earlier Paxton Smith, a valedictorian currently in Texas high school, mentioned in her graduation speech that. “Starting in September, there will be a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, regardless of whether the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest,”

The website ProLifeWhistleblower also asks citizens to share private information about Pregnant Women. There is a column on the website to share “Images” and “Videos” related to pregnancy. The legality of the same is questionable.

The website asking to spy on pregnant women will not be possible without GoDaddy, one of the largest domain names and hosting providers in the United States. The phone number to contact GoDaddy 24/7 Support is +1 4804638389.

Ironically, the Taliban also shares common views on respecting women’s privacy. Taliban is known for using similar tactics to do crimes against women. At the same time when we checked the website, there was a column to fill “country” as well.

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