Russian Colonel Killed in Ukraine as Putin Tries to Reorganize Forces

Russian Colonel Killed in Ukraine as Putin Tries to Reorganize Forces
Russian Colonel Killed in Ukraine as Putin Tries to Reorganize Forces

Another Russian colonel has reportedly killed in Ukraine, despite Kremlin’s recent gains. It has added to the military’s highest-ranking personnel’s death toll.

Vladimir Putin has not spoken out over the death of Zaur Dimayev, a lieutenant colonel in the Akhmat Kadyrov special forces regiment who was killed on Tuesday by an artillery barrage in Ukraine’s Donbas region, according to the Baza Telegram channel.

According to official reports, an anti-tank shell hit a military SUV driven by Dimayev, an ally of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, as it was passing through a village. The two policemen were named as victims of the attack.

Zaur Dimayev: Russian Colonel Killed in Ukraine

The death of Major General Valeriy Demayev is the most recent among Russia’s high-ranking military leaders. They have been compelled to fight on the front lines due to what appears to be shoddy planning. It also occurred a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended six of his top military commanders.


On Monday, the Russian president Vladimir Putin dismissed five generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and one police colonel. Putin issued a decree announcing their dismissals.

On the one hand, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now gone on for 100 days, and President Putin is stepping up military efforts in an attempt to achieve a quick victory that hasn’t come.

Despite spending more than three months in an attempt, Russia has yet to capture Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and at least 49 Russian colonels have perished in battle (although Russia or Ukraine has released no such tally).

According to Moscow, one of Russia’s top paratroopers, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dosyagayev, was killed in Bucha last week. Last year, Alexander’s battalion won the Winged Infantry category at the Army of Russia military festival.

Ukraine’s soldiers are retreating from the Donbas as fighting there rages on. The governor of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, Serhiy Haidai, recently told TheReporterTimes that his troops have a strategy for “a strategic withdrawal.”

According to Haidai, as of Tuesday morning, Russian forces had about 70 percent control of Severodonetsk. A victory in the city would give Moscow almost total dominance over one of Ukraine’s two most eastern points strategically.

The Reporter Times reached out to the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment.

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