Breaking News: Amber and Adam found Guilty – Johnny Depp to Get 15 Million USD

The jury finds Amber Heard liable for defamation against Johnny Depp and orders Heard to pay Depp $15M in compensatory and punitive damages; Depp to pay Heard $2M in compensatory damages.

3:40: Amber Heard Partially won the defamation countersuit. Comments made by Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Adam Waldman costed him 2 Million Dollars.

3:31: Johnny Depp succeeds in a defamation suit against former wife Amber Heard. Compensatory damages of 10 million and disciplinary damages of 5 million were awarded to Johnny Depp by Jury. Johnny Depp gave Amber 7 Million as a divorce settlement in 2016


3:30 pm: Johnny Depp has succeeded in his defamation suit against former wife Amber Heard. The jury found that she is liable for defamation, related to the op-ed she wrote in Washington Post. The jury finds Amber Heard acted with hatefulness.

It’s a developing story

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