US Appoints ex Human Rights Watch LA Mayor Garcetti as Ambassador to India

Forthcoming US Ambassador to India, Lieutenant Mayor Garcetti quoted while talking to the press today that, ‘Groups that are actively fighting for human rights of people on the ground in India will get direct engagement from him’.

After making the vow to keep Human Rights as the first priority during his tenure, he vouched for protecting the core values of democracy and respecting people’s voices.

During the press conference, Garcetti adds that speaking against d iscrimination will be a Core piece of his engagement with India.

LA Mayor Garcetti served the California board of Human Rights Watch earlier. He is known for many charitable works during his tenure as Mayor.

Among the bold moves of his career, Garcetti is often praised by his supporters for raising the concerns of Women rights with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Thus it would be interesting to watch his developments with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier in October, Few Indian Anchors and Journalists “declared war” on Superman and Wonder Woman for citing the Kashmir issue in DC Movies. It would be interesting to see how Mayor Garcetti with deals with these geopolitical issues while protecting Human Rights.

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