Was Tulsa OK Shooting a racist attack? Netizens find the 1921 Tulsa race massacre Link

It was not even a month passed away from the wounds of the Buffalo shooting, the states saw another doomsday in growing violence. If believed the eye-witnesses, Dr. Preston Phillips was the target in the Tulsa OK shooting.

Was Tulsa OK Shooting a racist attack?

The shooting took place on the 101st anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, in which a white mob burned a Black neighborhood and as many as 300 people were killed.

Tulsa OK Shooting was not a racist attack – The gunman in the Tulsa shooting was a ‘Black Man’ according to the authorities. The target was also a member of the Black Community – Preston J. Phillips, MD


Dr. Preston Phillips was a hero for the black community. He represented the community among the elites and wealthy of Oklahoma with pride for years. The gunman had personal issues with Dr. Preston Phillips. However, he was not able to find Dr. Preston Phillips and started shooting everyone before killing himself.

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The South Tulsa hospital plunged into utter mess Wednesday evening after hundreds of Tulsa police officers reacted to a mass shooting in which five people including the gunman died. Learning from the mistakes of officers responding to Salvador Ramos, Tulsa Police was ready to shoot down the gunman point-blank.

The police described the shooter as a “Black male estimated to be 35 to 40 years old” who killed himself after taking 4 lives.

At Around 4:56 p.m., Tulsa Police officers arrived at the Natalie Medical Building which is inside the Saint Francis hospital. The police wagons started lining up and sharpshooters were ready for any opportunity to kill the gunman.

Tulsa Deputy Police Chief Eric Dalgleish revealed that the shooter wasn’t carrying any big guns – he only had a rifle and handgun. According to our sources, Tulsa police have already identified the person and will soon reveal his identity. The police revealed that the attack couldn’t be linked to racism because both attacker and victim were ‘Black Man’

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