Who is Cashmere Ali? Wiki, Bio of Canadian Woman killed in Maple Ridge shooting


35-year-old Cashmere Ali was killed in Maple Ridge Shooting. Her friends and family lined up on social media to pay tributes. Along with her, one other man was also shot, who, according to police, suffered “non-life-threatening injuries.”

The police are hoping that Cashmere Ali’s killer would soon be narrowed down now since her name is finally revealed with a picture in public. Maple Ridge-based Ali was killed at 9 a.m. on the 22600-block of 119 Avenue. The police asked friends and families of Ali to register their statements with them soon.

According to the police, it was a targeted attack on Cashmere Ali with no other injuries reported.

Cashmere Ali relationships

According to her social-media profile, Ali was in a relationship with Matt Dubb. The couple was in a relationship for almost two years now. While Ali hailed from a Muslim Family, Matt Dubb was of Christian ethnicity.

Cashmere Ali’s Father, Michael Khan wrote on Facebook sharing his grief

My daughter Cashmere Ali passed away at 37 today. May Allah open the doors to Janna and bless her. Inna Lillahi wa inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

Cashmere’s friend Katie Hoge¬†wrote on her Social Media account –

Friendship is irreplaceable. Memories are forever. My love for you is unconditional. The pain of knowing your not here is uncomparable. Heaven is such a beautiful place and so peaceful. You are at peace my girl laughing with so so many of our friends and your daddy. I know for sure your not actually gone. Theres no way you wouldnt take advantage of this opportunity to haunt the shit outa ppl. Start with Carly mmm kayyy. Love you Girl. Physically gone but never actually gone and never ever forgotten. You have touched so many peoples hearts. Ill be celebrating your life and all our memories Monkey I love you Kash forever plus a day.


Heaven sure has some beautiful Angels. I bet the hugs you are getting up there are amazing! Our so so many friends were definitely waiting for you at the gate. I’m thinking there were some fights over the 1st hugs. I know Warren won for sure (after pops). You are right life is way too short! Crazy and so surreal. Friends are a treasure to cherish forever. I love and miss all of you gone and still here

RIP Cashmere Ali

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