Who is Eve Barlow to Amber Heard? Why Eve Barlow is a Joke Trending on Twitter ?


Who is Eve Barlow: During Amber Heard’s ongoing defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Eve Barlow, a supporter of the actress, was prohibited from attending the hearing. Prior to her ban, Barlow was photographed with Heard and her team on Days 1 through 3 of the trial.

According to our sources, Barlow has been prevented from attending the rest of the ongoing trial due to his possession of a phone in the courtroom.

Who is Eve Barlow?

Eve was born in 1985 and she is currently 36 years old. The 5 Foot 4 Inch tall journalist is the hot topic of discussion among Amber Heard supporters.

Full Name Eve Barlow.
Career Working as Music Journalist
Age (as of 2022) 36 years old.
Profession Journalist.
Date of Birth 1985.
Place of Birth Giffnock, Glasgow, Scotland.
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States.
Education Post-Graduate.
School Calderwood Lodge Primary School.
Alma mater Manchester University.
Net worth $1 million – $1.25 million USD
Nationality Scottish/American
Ethnicity European-Jew.
Religion Christian.

Eve Barlow is a Scottish music journalist and former NME employee. She was born in the Jewish community of Giffnock, Glasgow, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

George Barlow, who is an MBE with the National Health Service, is Barlow’s father. Eve Barlow had given all the credit for her career success to her father for inspiring her interest in the music business by raising her on Elvis Presley’s music and religion.


When she was 17, Eve went to England to study at Manchester University, where she studied law for three years. Barlow discovered that literature, philosophy, politics, and contemporary studies were more interesting than law after studying for three years.

Barlow then relocated to London, where she studied human rights law at University College. After earning her master’s degree during the 2008 recession, Eve found herself lacking in job prospects.


After getting her degree in public administration, Barlow returned to the town she grew up in and began writing for music. She had no prior connections in the journalism world and honed her portfolio by working as an intern at a number of organizations.

What is her relationship with Amber Heard?

Eve Barlow was born in the United States to Russian immigrants and immigrated with her family back to Moscow as a child. She began writing for The Guardian after obtaining her BA from Oxford University.


After working as a freelance journalist in London, she became the deputy editor of NME before moving to the United States to work as a freelancer. When asked why she left the United Kingdom, Barlow said that she occasionally followed in the footsteps of her great-grandfather Gershwin Berelovitch, who fled Russia’s tsar in 1904 and escaped to Britain.

Eve has written about a wide range of themes, including music, in her numerous articles and interviews. She has over 45K followers on Twitter and frequently uses it to discuss the Jewish community, anti-Semitism, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, diversity, and other concerns.

Why Eve Barlow is a Joke Trending on Twitter?

Latest Conspiracy: Eve Barlow has her Twitter Direct Messages closed. Her comments turned off. So basically, EveBarlow selects who can message her and comment on her posts. Despite this – She shared a confusing tweet

Barlow was earlier caught misguiding the court about proof that Gina Deuters had been posting about the trial. Later, Amber’s lawyer Rottenborn apologized for what she did and asked the Jury and Judge to consider the apology.

Also dubbed as Amber Heard’s new found love/girlfriend, Eve Barlow tried to shade Johnny Depp’s image online after he performed with Jeff Beck in May 2022. She took a dig at The Pirates of the Caribbean Seas star. The star left everyone surprised when he joined Beck at his show in Sheffield. After his performance, Barlow called him a domestic abuse victim who is waiting for his defamation case verdict and said that he was a canceled artist.

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  1. Wow! Nobody should be wishing death upon Amber the nutter, she is clearly cruel, delusional sociopathic and needs therapy. This poor GF should run fast, run far, unless she’s totally into being punched, emotionally scarred and have her words and life twisted upside down. Dear Eve… listen to the recordings!!! What do you make of the ‘Entrapment recording’? She is the abuser…that’s obvious.


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