Who is Jennifer Howell in Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 21

Who is Jennifer Howell: Unlike several media outlets, Jennifer Howell is not directly linked with Amber Heard. Jennifer is currently in the witness box, but she was friends with Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez according to a 2020 court declaration. The document surfaced when we searched for reports on Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Defamation Trial.

Jennifer Howell is a senior television producer. Howell is known for her work with Bebe Stevens on the animated cartoon TV series South Park. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Film/ Cinema and Video Studies from the University of Texas in 1996.

Jennifer Howell is a credible name in the entertainment industry. She worked for over 20 years as a Feature Film Creative Executive and in other leadership roles in and around the media. She is currently working at Deep Voodoo Gaming.

She was called to the court because of her testimony in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard infamous staircase fight. In that fight, Depp suffered a finger injury in 2015, deciding the fate of the over 50 Million Dollars Case. According to Jennifer Howell, she was told by Henriquez that Heard is violent towards Depp. Henriquez didn’t assert the same in court.

Depp’s team bought up Howell to testify against Henriquez’s statement. The team first made grounds by explaining the nature of their friendship and closeness. Later, after she admitted to appearing in court, a person claimed on social media that there was an attack on Jennifer Howell because of this.

Today, Howell testifies that she never saw Depp take illicit drugs or appear intoxicated. Howell also says Heard never told her that Depp was abusive toward her.

Howell completed her video deposition with the following statement:

I loved someone who I knew was doing something very wrong. And I knew that they were doing it because they were trying to protect their sister. And I’m trying to protect her. And I’m just trying to get her to wake up and do the right thing, which is to tell the truth.

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