Who is Seneca Mahan from Missouri? Man charged for St. Louis House Explosion


Seneca Mahan and his partner Terrell Cooks are recently charged with murder for a house explosion. St. Louis House Explosion shocked everyone as the blast was not ordinary. The shot was not planned using IED or RDX but firecrackers that claimed four lives.

Seneca Mahan, According to reports, was working without a firecracker license. He was allegedly selling these firecrackers to kids. The four who died in the explosion were the firecracker assembly team.

According to the police reports, the duo was leading the operations ignoring the safety of others. An expert informed us that the blast could be more fatal if the duo got their hands on some more deadly gunpowder.

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Seneca Mahan Age and Occupation

Seneca Mahan is currently 43-year-old and he hails from Webster Groves, Missouri. According to our sources, he has been into the firecrackers business for years and was planning to sell a lot of stock for the 4th July Parade.


Seneca Mahan Charges

Seneca Mahan is charged with second-degree murder. Along with the murder charges, he also faces charges of negligence and ignoring the fire codes. The fourth victim, struggling in the hospital for his last breath, died on Saturday.

The victims in the firecracker blast that shook other homes and blew out neighbors’ windows were identified as Travell Eason, 16; Christopher Jones, 17; Damario Cooks, 18; and William Jones, 21.

Three out of 4 employed in the dangerous profession were teenagers. Along with them, another 12-year-old child playing on the road was injured by the explosion. Many neighbours heard a ‘loud’ sound when the blast happened.

Cooks and Mahan are being held on a $350,000 cash bail. The fire department is currently estimating the possible risks Seneca Mahan’s remaining stock might have. Multiple agencies are investigating if the duo had other accomplices in the illegal fireworks trade.

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