Why Is Gambling in Pakistan Rising?

Why Is Gambling on the Rise in Pakistan?

Gambling interest in Pakistan has been on a steady upline in the past few years and it looks like the trend will continue in 2021 and forward as well. This is a sensitive topic when it comes to Pakistani people hence why it is illegal to operate gambling facilities or interact with such games offline. That being said, the laws don’t cover online gambling which leaves it in a gray area benefiting people that are interested in these types of games.

In this article you’ll learn while online gambling is on the rise in Pakistan. You’ll also find out about the laws on offline and online gambling. Laws are usually one of the roadblocks for why casinos cannot offer games to the general public. Finally, we will take a look at the top 3 most popular online casinos games in Pakistan.

Online and Offline Pakistan Gambling Laws

Before we continue, I need to mention that I am not an expert in the field. That’s why I had to reach out to such experts to get accurate information and thanks to Luke from roulettesites.org I was able to gather all the information I needed since the laws in the country are a bit odd.

Based on the Prevention of Gambling Act 1977 you cannot gamble in Pakistan. The idea behind the law is to prevent people from getting addicted to gambling and losing all of their money.

However, the country is losing out on a lot of tax money, which could be used to improve the country. Gambling is a big industry and for that reason governments can expect to accumulate a lot of taxes, but currently that is not happening.

Why Gambling Is Becoming Popular in Pakistan

While talking with Luke, we’ve tried to come up with the main reasons why Pakistani people suddenly became very interested in gambling. Most of the common reasons are:

  • Access: with the amount of online casinos, it is easier now than ever before to create an account and play. In fact, you can access most casino games using your smartphone by downloading the app. The convenience means that you can play these games when you are out and about.
  • Bonus offers: there are so many bonus offers available today that it makes it hard not to take advantage of them. The top casinos are trying to compete for new customers and for that reason the bonus offers can be huge. Also, most casinos offer a rewards program where you get rewards the more you play.
  • Games: with so much choice you can play casino games for a long time before getting bored. The average casino provides hundreds of slot games for you to explore. Also, there are live casino games that enable you to interact with the dealer when playing.

These are just some of the main reasons why in Pakistan the popularity of gambling is growing. There are other reasons for the stable growth, but these were the main ones.

Top 3 Popular Games in Pakistan

Lastly, I asked Luke on which games are most popular in Pakistan. Based on his data, these were the games most popular with gamblers:

  1. Cricket: Cricket has and always will be the most popular sport in Pakistan. The game is heavily watched and played in Asia but specifically in India and Pakistan which tend to face off several times a year. In the last 3 years, betting on these matches have been more broadly accepted by viewers of the game which tends to also attract even more gambling sites to the country.
  2. Bingo: Bingo, or as some might heard of it as “Beano” has been on the rise as well. The game is fairly simple, luck based and has several variations of the game. That being said, the classical version of the game seems to be the most popular choice for Pakistani people. I was personally surprised that people were interested in Bingo in Pakistan. I was expecting slot games to be the second most popular game, but I guess I can’t argue with data.
  3. Poker: The classic Texas style of poker seems to be one of the most popular card games in Pakistan. The rules are fairly simple, but the whole idea behind the game is not to only focus on your hand but to focus on other players as well. Expressions, emotions and habits are sometimes more important that the hand you’re dealt with hence why the expression “Poker face” is often used.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve learnt from this article the popularity of gambling in Pakistan is growing rapidly. Therefore, you can get in on the action by taking a look at a few of the games mentioned in this article. If you are thinking of trying out one of the games above, Luke has recommended taking advantage of the welcome bonuses that most gambling platforms offer.

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