How To Say/Wish Happy New Year 2020 in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and other languages

How To Say Happy New Year 2017 in Spanish and other languages?
How To Say Happy New Year 2017 in Spanish and other languages?

Happy new year 2020 in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Russian: NY is around the corner, and for the occasion, you should learn or you may search how to wish new year in different languages. You can learn and implement it via wishing it to your foreign friends. Do you know how to say happy new year in Spanish for instance?

If you don’t, then don’t worry. We have brought a collection of 30 different languages with you can greet anyone on the occasion of newyear. By wishing for this special event, you can give them a reason to smile. Then, what are waiting for? Scroll down.

How To Say Happy New Year 2020 in Spanish and other languages?

Finally, the time has come to take some rest from the work and enjoy a bit. It means a time for you to set yourself unwind and wander like a free bird. The whole world unites on this day of New Year as everybody like to party with their friends and family. Flow with joy.

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How To Wish Happy New Year 2020 in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and other languages?

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Even the weather is up to the mark, and there is a celebration going on all around the world. People across the globe are filled with happiness. NewYear is a delightful occasion, and it gives us a feeling of peace. However, it means different things to different people as it’s all a matter of perspective.

Some people like just to cuddle with their cats and get warmth in a blanket or being lost in a good book. What are your plans for the [year] new year? Are you going to spend the new year’s eve 2020 at somewhere special or with someone special?

Happy New Year 2020 Quotes for Sister Brother: Images, SMS, Wishes, Messages and Poems
How To wish New Year 2020 in Spanish and other languages?

Some like to spend the day with their sweethearts and share the overwhelming moments together, have a dance in dim lights and welcome the newyear with just love.


The world is filled up with different cultures, different people, and everything diverse. With it, the ways of celebrations differ from one person to another, a place to place, etc. The conventional means connecting everyone is sharing and wishing a newyear.

This new year wishes everyone and shares wishes in whichever language you want as we have brought a collection of how to say happy newyear in 30 different languages.

  • Afrikaans – Gelukkige Nuwejaar
  • Albanian – Gezuar Vitin e Ri
  • Arabic- سنة سعيدة – Sana Sa’eedah
  • Bosnian- sretna nova godina
  • Bulgarian– sh-tast-liva No-va go-din-a
  • Catalan- Feliç any nou
  • Chinese Mandarin – Xin Nian Kuai Le – (pronounced sheen nian kwai luh)
  • Chinese Cantonese – San Nin Fai Lok – (pronounced san knee fy lock)
  • Czech- šťastný nový rok
  • Danish – Godt nytår
  • Dutch- Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
  • Farsi- سال نو مبارک – sale nou mobarak
  • Finnish – Hyvää uutta vuotta
  • Filipino- Manigong Bagong Taon
  • French- Bonne Année
  • German- Gutes Neues Jahr
  • Gaelic (Scotland)- Bliadhna mhath ur
  • Greek- kali chronya
  • Hebrew- shana tova
  • Hungarian- Buék
  • Irish- Bhliain nua sásta
  • Italian- Felice anno nuovo
  • Japanese- akemashite omedeto gozaimasu
  • Korean- seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo
  • Maltese- Is Sena it -Tajba
  • Mandarin Chinese- xīn nián kuài lè
  • Norwegian – Godt nytt år
  • Polish- Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku
  • Portuguese- Feliz Ano Nov
  • Romanian- La Mulți Ani
  • Russian- s novim godom
  • how to say happy new year in Spanish- Feliz Año Nuevo
  • Swedish – Gott nytt år
  • Turkish- Mutlu yıllar
  • Urdu- نايا سال مبارک – nayya saal mubarak
  • Welsh- blwyddyn newydd dda


We hope you are now able to wish new year that important person in your life in very own language. No more worries on ‘how to say new year‘ Keep sharing and spreading the love.

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