Should you use a VPN for online casinos? What you need to know

Should you use a VPN for online casinos? What you need to know
Should you use a VPN for online casinos? What you need to know

Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer protection when browsing the internet. They offer an additional level of security so that trackers can’t target you, and your location is masked. Many people use VPNs for security, for a whole host of reasons, but one of the most extensive uses is casino gaming. It’s fascinating to explore why millions of people use VPNs and the extra security they can provide when accessing the internet.

Laws and regulations for accessing betting websites abroad

Given the considerable scope of different laws worldwide for gambling, some people will use VPNs to access casino websites that aren’t available in their region. Some people use VPNs to connect to these websites to enjoy social casinos, where you can use in-game tokens to place your bets, and no actual money is exchanging hands. Social casinos may be permitted depending on where you reside, but you might have difficulty accessing the websites, which is where a VPN can help you.

Due to the number of VPN options online, and the fact that so many people use them for casino gaming, there are many online casino VPN friendly servers available, and you can browse a vast range of them before deciding on which one you wish to use. Depending on how often you play casino games or require the VPN, different providers have various payment plans available, so you don’t need to settle on the first provider you come across. As with any product you purchase, you usually have a free trial to see whether that VPN provider suits you. Most providers will offer anywhere from 7 to 30 days.

Security and privacy aspects of using a VPN

Security and privacy are big selling points for VPNs because they work so effectively. VPNs work because they create a tunnel for traffic between your device and the VPN server you use. In a world where information is one of the most valuable commodities, there has been added emphasis on products that can provide you with some privacy and protection, and this is why VPNs have risen to prominence as one of the most effective ways to protect you as you browse online. A VPN will essentially mimic a private network and channel your activity through any number of servers that could be located all over the world.

It’s not just privacy that helps to sell these incredibly useful tools; security is also a significant aspect. VPNs help to shield your activity from people looking to track your internet browsing activity and help you to browse securely. If somebody is looking to track your digital footprint to steal your identity, if you use a VPN, they will often be unable to access your information as it is routed through a private network and tunneled away from the eyes of people who shouldn’t be accessing your personal data. Ultimately, although security and privacy are the two most significant selling points, this is just the tip of the iceberg when assessing the full benefits of a VPN, and different companies specialize in various types of VPNs.

How to gamble online with a VPN

You can access a gambling website through a VPN, much like you do if you’re not using a VPN. Open your browser, select your provider and open your chosen game. Depending on the casino you use, some more prominent providers will flag generic VPNs in the same way many websites might flag a known VPN IP address.

Although millions of genuine users will use VPNs for a range of perfectly legal purposes, they can also be used by hackers and bots to deploy malicious software. For this reason, website domains will flag known VPN tunnels and stop them from accessing the site.

However, with so many VPNs available on a global scale, you will often have no problems connecting to your gambling site. Once you have connected to the site, you can use it like you would without your VPN as there’s nothing different you need to do once you have connected to your VPN server.

Three risks of using a VPN for gambling

1. Not being able to gain access to gambling sites

As we alluded to in our previous section, some casino and gambling providers will have a blanket ban on specific VPNs. Some VPN companies are used primarily by bots, and once flagged, you cannot access the site through that network. If you attempt to connect to these sites using a flagged VPN, you will likely receive a message from the domain stating that the VPN is blocked due to bot access or has been flagged as a potential spam IP address.


Depending on the VPN you use, hundreds of possible servers will be available, so you can simply connect your device through another VPN tunnel situated anywhere else. Some of the most prominent VPN providers will have upwards of 100 servers all around the world, so if you try a few different ones, you will likely be able to access the gambling site.

With so many people using their mobile phones for dozens of hours per week, VPN companies have specifically designed their services for those browsing on their mobile devices, such as mobiles and tablets, in addition to being compatible with laptops and PCs too.

Unfortunately, some people use VPNs to gamble in countries where it is illegal. This is not encouraged, and you can be prosecuted for this activity. It’s not just you who would be liable for this. The casino provider can potentially have their license revoked for not being savvy to users using VPNs to circumvent gambling regulations. The terms and conditions of the casino you register with cover this eventuality, and they reserve the right to cancel your account immediately. This activity can lead to fines for both the player and the casino.

2. Not getting your money (back)

Following our previous point, if you use a VPN to gamble, your account could be shut down immediately and without notice. So, if you deposit your money and manage to win a bet, you could have difficulty withdrawing your funds.

Again, much like our previous point, some casinos will track VPN IP addresses, so while you can access your casino initially, it will eventually flag your account when it is detected. Although some casinos can do this immediately, others might take a few hours or days, or it might be flagged when you attempt to withdraw your funds.

As stated in the terms and conditions of multiple casinos, if you use a VPN to gamble with real money in jurisdictions where it is forbidden, your account is liable to be closed immediately without notice, with no way of getting your money back.

Many people use VPNs to access social casinos, such as sweepstakes, where you don’t gamble with real money, which is tolerated in a lot of countries with strict gambling laws regarding legal casinos. It is vital that you check the gambling laws of the area you are in, so that you don’t potentially run into trouble further down the line by using a VPN to place your bets.

3. Getting your account frozen or terminated

If you use a VPN to gamble from a region where it is not permitted, your account could be closed instantly or frozen pending an investigation. Again, you can avoid this by gambling within the laws of your country and not attempting to circumvent them. Depending on where you live, the punishment for gambling can be significant. Your information could be flagged with the gambling provider, who might own other online casinos or gambling platforms, resulting in a blanket ban.

Therefore, if you attempt to gamble using VPNs and your account is frozen, if you then move to a country where gambling laws are more liberal, your information will have been permanently flagged. There’ll be no way of re-opening your account.

Our methodology: Finding the best VPNs for gambling safely

Shopping around for the best deal is the best place to start. VPNs designed explicitly for gambling and safety are for people accessing gambling games from countries where it is permitted.

If you are in an area where gambling is legal, you can utilize a VPN to help secure your connection, which is a great additional layer of security if you are inputting sensitive financial information such as your credit card number or if you are supplying personal information to the site which can be valuable to cybercriminals such as your name, address and date of birth.

Once you have decided on the VPN that works best for you, you can play your casino games in more comfort, knowing that your information isn’t being tracked and that you can input your private, identifiable information through a secure connection. By implementing the tips we have discussed today, you can use VPNs as they were intended to help you protect yourself online from trackers that aim to take your information.

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