When is Ramadan 2019 (Date)? Calendar & Time Table: What is Ramzan? Schedule

When is Ramadan 2017 (Date)? What is Ramzan and When Does it Start? Calendar and Timings

When is Ramadan 2019 (Date)? What is Ramzan and When Does it Start? Calendar and Timings: Ramazan in 2019 starts on May 5, 2019, Tuesday in Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, UK and Iraq, and will be celebrated for 30 days in continuation until June 4, 2019, Saturday. Saudi Arabia and UAE have the same dates. As per the Muslim religion, every festival begins on the sunset of the previous day. So following the same tradition, the Muslims will start observing it from the sunset. It is regarded as the holiest month in the year in the Muslim religion.

When is Ramadan 2019? Calendar & Timetable

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Ramzan falls on the same day according to the Islamic calendar, but its dates vary as per the Gregorian calendar every year. It is because both the calendars have are based on different concepts. On one hand, the Gregorian one is based on Sun and on the contrary, the Islamic calendar is based on the moon. Check: Eid al-Fitr 2019

Thus, the difference causes the Ramadan festival to move within a gap of 11 days approximately in the solar version every year. Demographics also causes the change in timing and dates. It varies country wise because of the moon sightings. At some places, the moon is seen early while at some places, it is seen later. Check: Ramadan Mubarak Quotes

The Ramadan dates mentioned above are based on the dates adopted by the Fiqh Council of North America for the festive celebrations. These are based on the astronomical calculations, and the actual time may vary. So, does the real sighting of the moon with the naked eyes. Thus, it has been a hot topic for debate since the old times. See: Ramadan Mubarak Images

When is Ramadan 2019 (Date)? What is Ramzan and  When Does it Start? Calendar and Timings
When is Ramadan 2019 (Date)? What is Ramzan and When Does it Start? Calendar and Timings

This year, it is Hizri 1439. The date of Ramadan always has been the same for Shia and Sunni brothers as both use the same Islamic calendar for their calculations. Related: When is Eid al Fitr 2019


The timings for Sehr & Iftar will be made available soon. Then, you will be able to download it for free. Also: Ramadan Kareem Wishes.

When is Ramadan 2019 Date? Ramazan Calendar with Timings*

*it will be updated later on.

Ramadan Date Day Sehri Times Iftar Times
1 27th May Saturday 04:17 AM 07:15 PM
2 28th May Sunday 04:16 AM 07:16 PM
3 29th May Monday 04:16 AM 07:16 PM
4 30 May Tuesday 04:16 AM 07:17 PM
5 31st May Wednesday 04:15 AM 07:17 PM
6 1st June Thursday 04:15 AM 07:18 PM
7 2nd June Friday 04:15 AM 07:18 PM
8 3rd June Saturday 04:14 AM 07:19 PM
9 4th June Sunday 04:14 AM 07:19 PM
10 5th June Monday 04:14 AM 07:19 PM
11 6th June Tuesday 04:14 AM 07:20 PM
12 7th June Wednesday 04:14 AM 07:20 PM
13 8th June Thursday 04:14 AM 07:21 PM
14 9th June Friday 04:13 AM 07:21 PM
15 10th June Saturday 04:13 AM 07:21 PM
16 11th June Sunday 04:13 AM 07:22 PM
17 12th June Monday 04:13 AM 07:22 PM
18 13th June Tuesday 04:13 AM 07:22 PM
19 14th June Wednesday 04:13 AM 07:23 PM
20 15th June Thursday 04:14 AM 07:23 PM
21 16th June Friday 04:14 AM 07:23 PM
22 17th June Saturday 04:14 AM 07:24 PM
23 18th June Sunday 04:14 AM 07:24 PM
24 19th June Monday 04:14 AM 07:24 PM
25 20th June Tuesday 04:14 AM 07:24 PM
26 21st June Wednesday 04:15 AM 07:25 PM
27 22nd June Thursday 04:15 AM 07:25 PM
28 23rd June Friday 04:15 AM 07:25 PM
29 24th June Saturday 04:15 AM 07:25 PM
30 25th June Sunday 04:16 AM 07:25 PM

Note: The Suhoor o Iftar timings mentioned in above Ramadan 2019 Calendar is for Karachi, Pakistan. The same for other locations like USA, India, etc. will be updated soon. However, the timings are nearly the same.

Hope, you got to know about When is Ramadan 2019 and its calendar with timings.

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