IPL 2020 Ends — Who Has Won and Who Is the MVP?


Over the last couple of months, we’ve had an opportunity to witness some of the best cricket matches ever played. The IPL 2020 provided its fans with unpredictable games that boasted cliffhanger endings, outstanding batting, and impressive bowling spells.

The crown jewel of the season was certainly the final match played on November 10 in which we watched the Delhi Capitals and the Mumbai Indians fight for the renowned IPL title. The IPL finals have always been one of the most anticipated cricket events in the world, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sports popularity is constantly on the rise. In fact, compared to the last year’s match, this one saw a staggering 28% increase in viewership.


The Mumbai Indians may have had a slow start this season, but they still managed to rebound quickly, which is why they were seen as firm favourites in the title race. In fact, over the last couple of seasons, and especially in the IPL 2020, the MI have shown immense talent and capability, demolishing any opposing team. The match against the Capitals was no different, as they managed to win by five wickets, this clutching their fifth IPL trophy.

Overall, the entire cricket season was filled with thrilling matches, successful acquisitions, and interesting partnerships. Most notably, one of the fastest bowlers in the world, Brett Lee and Sportsbet partnered up to bring more excitement to all cricket enthusiasts with exclusive promotions, unique content, and a chance to meet the star himself.

IPL 2020 MVP

The new IPL champions certainly displayed a fantastic form throughout the entire tournament. Nevertheless, this season, the players of all eight teams put on some spectacular performances.

Unsurprisingly, this year’s MVP trophy went to Jofra Archer, England’s fast bowler, thanks to his stellar performance for the Rajasthan Royals. Over the course of the season, he accumulated 305 MVP points in 14 matches. His stats were outstanding — 20 wickets, 175 dot balls, and five catches. In addition, his overall score was certainly boosted even further, thanks to his amazing batting skills. However, despite his fantastic performance, the Rajasthan Royals have finished last, with the lowest net run rate of -0.569.

As far as other IPL 2020 awards are concerned, we’d like to mention the Mumbai Indians’ Trent Boult who received two awards — the Man of the Match in the final, and the Power Player of the Season.

IPL 2021 — What to Expect?

Even though the IPL 2020 has just ended, the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control of India) has already begun to roll out the plans for the next season. According to our sources, the BCCI is looking to increase the number of franchises by adding one or two more to the existing eight.

However, given that these plans are at the initial stages of development, it might be too early to confirm the news. Nevertheless, after the fierce performances and sensational matches, we certainly have plenty to look forward to, especially with the Mumbai Indians looking to defend their fifth IPL title.

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