Key Points on Why Casino Industry is Booming in India

It is well known that the gaming industry and gambling industry as a part of it are both growing in popularity every year. Some years ago, India used to be a fairly closed market when gambling was in question, with the vast majority of gambling-related activities prohibited by law in all regions.

In fact, only horse race betting and lottery are fully legal across the country, but casino gaming is also legal in two regions, with Boa being the country’s leading region for live casinos, over a dozen of them operating there.

The growth of Boa based live casinos has contributed to the country’s growing relationship with the gaming industry, but it is the online gaming arena where the numbers are truly staggering. With the federal government not taking many steps to prevent players from gambling online, most players are turning to online casinos and sportsbooks to meet their needs.

Key Points on Why Casino Industry is Booming in India
Key Points on Why Casino Industry is Booming in India

If you are also intent on playing online, we suggest reading the rest of this article. However, you can also check guides in your native languages, such as this guide in Urdu at which provides a detailed outlook on the online casino market in India.

What are Online Casinos

Online casino sites offer a very unique service and have been around for some three decades on a global level. However, the last decade has truly seen a great increase in online casino activities around the world. An online casino provides players with access to all casino games such as slots, blackjack, poker, or roulette in virtual form and is completely accessible from a player’s computer.

Modern online casinos are true player paradises, which allow players to play for free if they so choose or deposit real money from their bank accounts and gamble for real cash. Many users are skeptical at first, but online casinos do in fact offer a fair and safe service, for the most part, provided one picks a licensed website.

Online Casino Industry in India

The impact of online casinos in India is quite massive for one simple reason. Live casinos are illegal in the majority of the country, which means players have to turn to online operators to get some action. The only alternative to that is playing in illegal casinos which is not a good idea or traveling to Boa which may not be an option for many players and is not really something one can do on a whim.

Playing online, on the other hand, is very simple. The registration process takes just minutes and hundreds of online sites accept Indian players. This makes it the easiest way to play casino games and is the exact reason that the online gambling market is growing at an exponential rate in India every year.

In terms of legality, the federal government started out harshly by restricting international online casinos from advertising but has never restricted access for Indian players to such sites. In fact, Indians were always allowed to play at any online casino of their choosing and that’s becoming easier by the day.

With up to 60% of all adults in the country now owning smartphones and internet technology becoming increasingly available, access to online casinos across India has never been easier. All of this and the fact that the government has not imposed any laws prohibiting online gambling means that in a way they are helping the progress of online casino operators even without openly saying it.

The Future of Gambling in India

According to most projections, the future of gambling across India is quite favorable. Some suggest that the market is set to quadruple within several years. However, the federal government should greatly consider regulating gambling more and allowing local operators to run games as this would keep more money inside the country and enable them to tax gambling companies.

If the situation remains as it is, the increase in online gambling activities will be great for the operators but not for India. With a drastic increase in gambling profits for international companies, the wealth leaving the country could never be retrieved. It is for this reason that there are many speculations of federal regulation bills coming in the next few years to make gambling more available inside India.

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