The 5 Favorites to Win the Premier League 2022/23 Season

The 2021/22 Premier League season ended only 2 months ago, and fans the world over are already excited for the upcoming 22/23 season. Fixtures have recently been released, so we are aware of all of the 380 matches that will take place during Premier League’s 31st iteration. As is always the case, excitement is quite high. Already, fans are getting into arguments (some friendly and some heated), about the prospective winners of the next season. For their part, bookies have started analyzing the players, matches, and clubs, and are working tirelessly to set up the odds. In this article, we thought we would get in on the fun, and look at the 5 favorites to get to the top of the 2022/23 Premier League season.

Manchester City

Fans of the Premier League will not be surprised to see Manchester City on this list. While the list is in no way ranked, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that City is the number one favorite to win the championship title, again. Out of the last 5 Premier League titles, The Citizens have taken home four. Riding high on this success, not many would be surprised to see them stand atop yet again. In fact, many online bookies have set up odds favoring Manchester City as this year’s champions as well. For those who’d like to learn more, a bet365 review covers the website thoroughly and will elucidate whatever you need to know.

And yet, some are skeptical. The club has lost Gabriel Jesus, who has proven himself as a fantastic player, to Arsenal, and Raheem Sterling to Chelsea. However, the Sky Blues are not fretting too much. After all, they have done well for themselves by acquiring Erling Haaland and Kalvin Phillips, two fantastic players in their own right.

Manchester United

Manchester United is one of England’s most popular and well-liked clubs. Whenever the pre-season predictions list favorites to win, United will be placed somewhere on that list. However, this past season might just have changed that. The Red Devils did not do too hot. By no means was their season bad, or disastrous as some have claimed. They finished in the sixth spot, still managing to break the top 10. However, came up short of the top five. While not a bad placement, it leaves a lot to be desired for a club that is so used to the success of being in the top 3.

Despite their poor season, Manchester United remains one of England’s most decorated clubs, and the definitive all-time champions of the Premier League, having won 13 titles, more than any other club in the history of the league. Still, despite these credentials quite a lot of punters and fans remain skeptical about The Devils’ prospects of winning the championship title.


Liverpool might just be the club that is going into the 2022/23 season with the most determination and drive. Last season they won two of the four major tournaments in men’s football in England, those being the Carabao Cup and the Football Association Cup. And though they did admirably in their group in the Champions League (they won all 6 of the matches), the Premier League title eluded them. They were ranked second, behind Manchester City. With their new additions, the Reds are expected to go for the jugular in the upcoming season, and quite a few believe that they will come out on top.


Another club with something to prove, Chelsea finished in 3rd last season, and so many are expecting them to try their hardest against Liverpool and Manchester City this time around. The club especially suffered a massive blow in the second half of the season, suffering most of their losses during that time. This could be related to owner Roman Abramovich leaving the club, however, this is mere speculation.

In the 2022/23 season, Chelsea has replaced Romelu Lukaku with Manchester City’s former midfielder, Raheem Sterling, a valuable player in his own right and a great addition to the team. Thomas Tuchel has gotten quite a lot of trump cards to his arsenal, and many are expecting that his efforts will pay off.


Perhaps fans of the Premier League could have seen this one coming. Tottenham ranked 4th in the last competition, and the club hasn’t won the league championship since the early sixties. However, Spurs fans seem to be quite excited about Antonio Conte, who has left Inter Milan to coach Tottenham. Conte’s coaching career is an illustrious one, as he has served as head of some of the most popular clubs in the world, including Juventus and Chelsea. He has also coached Italy’s national team, which has been doing quite well for itself on the international stage.

On top of that, the addition of Yves Bissouma and Ivan Perisic is sure to propel the club to new heights. Whatever the case may be, fans remain cautiously optimistic about Tottenham’s standing in 2023.


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