Best Free Screen Recorder 2018: List of Top Recording Software for Windows PC

Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)
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Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares): Wish to have some screen recorders? In this context, I wish to tell you that there are a number of screen recorders which are available for free. I will let you know everything about it.

What is the basic purpose of a normal screen recorder? To record the facts that we look on screen as AVI format. Technology is becoming more vast and developed, and so we have got some changes in screen recorders. These changes turn out the screen recorder to be an exceptional one. Now, we can go for editing, live videos, the gameplay mode and so on.

Best Free Screen Recorder (Video Recording Softwares)

Sometimes, we face the problem of watermarks on our clips. Well, the problem may be small but the results would sound big. To avoid these drastic results and for better performance, switch your choice to a proper and suitable software.

We have just made a selection list for you that include some best freely available screen recorders. So, now you can be as professional as you want in your work. Make high-quality videos from your home using your desktop.

Best Screen Recorders 2018

OBS Studio

It’s like a complimentary recorder. Available free of cost, the screen recorder has high-quality ratings. Passionate about gaming? Then OBS Studio sounds like the best choice. Comparing with FRAPS, OBS Studio is unlocked without any charges and is completely against any limitations to use.

FRAPS is basically a well-known recorder which is legally given license that holds a record of 30 seconds at once and goes on with a negative feature of watermarks on clips. It’s one of the best free screen recorder.

It holds in two features- Streaming and recording. In addition, there is no hindrance about the span of your work. This also provides an option of being life for gaming function and stuff.  You can record your task easily. Also, you can convert the recording into FLV format. The same would get in the store for future use.

Pictorial storage is also possible. This enables you to use full-screen function while storing games. Some hotkeys are also there for handling the records. Recording can be done at 60 FPS or sometimes more than this.

The OBS Studio makes use of multi-core CPUs to improve the performance. The installation according to our desired theme for OBS studio may require a period of time but the same sounds best and desirable for our use as screen recorder.

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Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)
Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)

Flashback Express

Further, there is also available some other free screen recorders. One of them is ‘Flashback Express’. This also sounds supportive for storing games or making records using a webcam or desktop screen. A person’s second choice must be to use Flashback Express as screen recorder.

Basically, it’s a free version of a paid software. It doesn’t put ugly watermarks on the tapes. It is not surrounded by any limitation regarding its usage. For the new users, it’s absolutely superb. It’s one of the best free screen recording software.

There is no limit regarding starting the record using the full screen, window, or a web camera. It also comes with the function of editing the recorded video. You can use crop function and cut some parts which you don’t want to come on your record. This enables you to give your records- a professional appearance.

It also obscures passwords as you enter on the screen, replaces silly desktop wallpaper to the blank screen, hides desktop icons, and highlights mouse pointer – so that it becomes easy to be followed. The software can export video in MP4, AVI, and WMV formats without the need of a converter.

No restriction on the span of your record. But it provides an option to use a selected limit for your records if required. Formatting on the records is possible. For example, if you wish to trim the recordings, you can do it easily. This will help to hide the unimportant parts from your recordings.

Just a little effort it wishes when you require some other format style. Basically, if you wish to store your recordings in some other format style then there comes a requirement of upgrading the version for Flashback Express.

Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)
Best Free Screen Recorder (Screen Recording Softwares)


This time there’s something that sounds soothing for YouTube. Now, with just only one click you’ll get to store your recordings.

In a habit of storing recordings games and stuff from your desktop or windows? Then Ezvid sounds best for it. It provides a clear and accessible interface. How does it function? First, choose the origin of data.

Then you’ll see a count time of three seconds. After that recording will start. Your record would be shown in some way that sounds similar to Windows movie maker. There you can use the trim function for your recording.

In addition, Ezvid also enables to store audio using a microphone. Plus, we can add up some effects in that audio recording. It provides a list of music to be used in the recordings. That’s absolutely amazing and fun. Music would add volume to the shows or slides. Ezvid is not run by the limitation of any watermarks on the tape.

But there’s a limit to the length of the recording, i.e, 45 minutes. When you’ll start to record, there will come up some interruptions in the beginning as a part of your display. This acts as a barrier for the software but it can be eliminated by deleting that part.

Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)
Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)


This software avails you with some cloud storage of 2 GB free of cost as complimentary. Sounds good. Also, this doesn’t allow any extra parts to add up to the recordings as default.

The plus point for the app is the use of a web camera. For recording, you just require to click and choose the part you want to, then press [Ctrl]+[R]. This software doesn’t support any limitation of watermarks on the tape.

Still, there is some barrier, like, the time limit, just a five-minute video could be recorded at once. Well, this doesn’t sound soothing. But for an average record. it could be used.

Your record could be viewed again and again as many times as you wish. It’s absolutely convertible to hard drive for further usage. You can pass your record to YouTube as well or cloud storage.

For business purposes, you can upgrade the version of TinyTake. This software is slant and efficient kinda one. It is bounded by one disadvantage, i.e., it doesn’t enable editing formats. This makes the software go down in publicity.

Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)
Best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares)

Xsplit Broadcaster

This goes well without any chaos within the gaming party. Yes, this absolutely suits them. There would be either one or two limitations but still, it acts perfectly in the gaming zone.

It’s available in two forms: Broadcaster and Gamecaster. You can make a record of what you wish easily without any problem. Both the forms are somewhat related. The software is mainly invented for gaming mode.

Generally, it acts as a screen recorder. It comes up with three modes. Firstly, free mode. Secondly, a personal mode for the streamers. Third, the premium model for business purposes.

But the free version comes up with the limitation of the watermark. It captures recordings up to 60 FPS and holds up a simple interface. It sounds smooth with any of the sources. You can use the screen, video card or a web camera for recording. Various modes could be used up by the users.

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Hope you got the best Free Screen Recorder (Recording Softwares). Stay tuned to TheReporterTimes for latest news around the world.

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