Free Music Download Apps For Android: Best MP3 Downloader 2018

Free Music Download Apps for Android (Free MP3 Downloaders)
Free Music Download Apps for Android (Free MP3 Downloaders)

Free Music Download Apps (Best MP3 Downloader for Android): Songs! Soothing! Is that true for you’ll too? Do you raise hands in the list of musicophile? I am up! Singing up the lyrics of songs when not aligned in any work? What if we say that we are here to fulfill your desire? Happy!

Positive it sounds for you. Android people just check out the apps for downloading MP3 songs. Earlier, you’ll have used a method to download some MP3. You need to go to the web, search out your song and then get a download of it.

Free Music Download Apps For Android (Free MP3 Downloader)

Right? Well, now the technology seems to get advanced by introducing apps acting as an MP3 song downloader. And the best part is that its’ free of cost too! We just compared out the ratings and reviews for some music apps. And chose a list that would satisfy all your needs.

A list of apps for Downloading free MP3 music downloader apps:

Music Paradise Pro

It’s the recommended and best free music download apps. You can operate this app easily. It may help you to do a lot with just one app. May it be a teeny-weeny kinda records, music chord effects, ring-tone or some MP3 song. You can download songs and stuff easily without any difficulty.

Talking about the applications for use. The app offers three options, Search, Download and Library. Type and search your favorite artists, song, album, and stuff. Make a download of it which would appear in your library.

Possibly, there are chances that you’ll get to see some snaps in the app. So, if you wish to completely avoid them, you can go for APK of the app. There it acts as your default song player.

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Simple MP3 Downloader

It’s like Music Paradise Pro with a very clean user interface. You can download mp3 music files for free using this app. This music downloader works on search algorithms. Also, there is a Downloads tab which keeps record of your downloaded mp3 songs.


You can give up the full rating for this app. Only a limitation that it involves is that it is not shown in Play Store. For making a download of a particular song or album, you just need to search it out and download the same. Plus, it also features you to use is online too.

There you can hear and check up if the song you wish is perfect or not. This would enable you to choose your favorites easily. We can regard this app as one of the best free music downloader apps for Android. This acts as an important feature for the app. There’s no problem if you have some older version of Android. You may use this app in any version.

Are there any users having Android version 2.3? well, for you’ll I gotta some good news. You can also use this app with your version.

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Free Music Download Apps for Android (Free MP3 Downloaders)
Free Music Download Apps for Android (Free MP3 Downloaders)

Music Maniac Pro

It’s a basic functional application. Its database is not huge, but worth trying. You need to search for the desired song with its name or artist name. It will show results instantly. The user gets annoyed with many pop up ads. It affects the usage.


Free music available! Anyone here who have an interest in it? Of course, you may be up for free music. This app allows you to store your favorite artist’s music, or your favorite album, song etc. There’s no difficulty attached to this app about its’ usage. The best part is that it’s available free of cost.

How to use? You just need to search out the music you wish to hear. There would come up a list of songs with that name. Choose your favorite one and make a download of it. You can see the ‘download’ option at the top right side. It is one of the best apps to download music for free.

It also constitutes an element of ‘Pre-Installed’ song player. There you can just use the app to hear the music you wish to. How can we forget ‘Online streaming’? You also get to use the option of being online and hearing up to the music. This may help you to check out any song before downloading.

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It’s not exactly a free mp3 downloader app. It is more of a music search app which displays results citing multiple sources (both paid and free). SoundLoad shows purchase links of the music tracks on SoundCloud. You can use it to download only the free to use tracks. Sound Cloud users must download it as they don’t allow downloading now.

Wynk Music

This app seems to be a well-liked one. A large number of users have installed this app. Why are you late then? Just get a download of this app and use it. It is one of the best Android apps to download free music.

Talking about why it’s not completely best, I’d like to mention that this app doesn’t involve apply some charges after a certain period of time. You can enjoy it free for the first 30 days. Airtel allows you to use it free for 6 months.

Well, you can use it for a month and enjoy hearing to the latest songs and albums. May it be an English song, Hindi song. I can predict that you will give positive reviews for the same.


It’s kind of a music downloader which is functional and also available in the Play Store. It is worth a try. Songily comes with a clean and simple user-interface. Search for any song with its track name or you can also give a look at the top song chart. A very few times, it gets server issues. You can also play your favorite songs online before downloading them. If you can’t find a song by its name, then try searching for movie or artist.


This is one of a topmost app used. It holds an enormous number of collection of songs (around 3.5 million). All categories are filled in this app. May it be Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, or Tamil. The best part is that there’s an option of playing video for the songs in this app.

They have further moved one step to make this app best one. It also carries a feature of ‘Mini Video player. In this, you can make a look at videos without any trouble using the same phone for other purposes. One thing you must be aware of is that- it doesn’t hold each feature for free.


Free users! It’s best for you. The only part you need to worry is that its’ not shown on play store. But, you may install APK for this app without any trouble. Now, you are up to use it. Wanna hear the good standard tune for your MP3 song? Just go with this app then. This app can be called a highly maintained app.

Directions for use: Search your favorite music, song, album, artist. And make a download for the same. Enjoy the music! It is one of the free music downloaders that can download mp3 songs

Google Play Music

Wish to see no snaps of ads? Well, this app matches your desire then. It holds a collection of greater than 50,000 music songs. You may use it for free. Wish to connect to the podcasts? Go through the app to find and receive podcast. This app also holds in a feature that will help you chose the song you exactly wish to hear.

Sometimes, there is one name for the song and results are more than one. By default, it acts as a mentor for you to select your favorites easily. You can join up with this app as its’ connected with ‘Google’. And when you hear Google, there’s no doubt left in your minds. Enjoy the app!

Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro

A great app! This compliment would definitely come up from your mouth after using it. All you need is just to find out your favorite song, music, album or artist. Then you’ll get a list of results. Find out your favorite. There’s no need to open your default player again and again. You can use this app as your default player too.

Wish to add a ringtone to your phone? And that to your favorite song? You need not worry. This app allows doing this feature too. Sounds amazing! For sure, you’ll not feel down after using this application. When we talk about its’ usage rumors, we get to hear that it runs a little slow. All you need is to keep calm and enjoy.

It’s not available in the Google Play Store anymore!


What high ratings! Amazing. So, this app is one of a well-liked one. Online and offline both features are there. Yes, you could do online streaming or make a download of your favorite song, music, or album for further hearing offline. The only limitation it deals with is that it holds some pop-ups of ads. You can remove these adds, just by paying a little charge.

Directions for use: You may search for the song you wish and hear it offline or online easily. It is one of the best music downloader app.


Popular app! Well known to you. This app can be found almost on every phone. Just a little worry it causes. And it’s’ that when we download a particular song using this app, we could just play or resume that song from the app only. No other player could be used then.

Firstly, it acted as an online streaming music. But for fulfilling the wish list of people, they just made a little change in the app. Now, it holds in a feature of downloading songs (Hindi songs). But leaving apart everything, we say “Bas bajna chahie gaana”!

Copyleft MP3 Downloader

Thinking of downloading music for free? Then this app would fulfill your desire. You may download your favorites and add it to any music player which you wish to for future listening. It allows users to download mp3 songs for free.

No worries about sharing up a particular song. It’s’ easy to use. Much convenient with other players too. Make a search of your favorite song, album, music or genre and hear it. Only a barrier is that the play store doesn’t hold this app.


It acts as a newborn advance app. Around 30 million songs are held in as a collection in this app. Hate the pop-ups that come up while using apps? This app is best suited for you. It completely avoids snaps of ads. It allows you to make an online streaming of your favorite songs.

No trouble you need to contact while using the app. It just makes you join to the song you wish to hear. It is easy to use and doesn’t hold any restrictions for use. One of the best android mp3 downloaders.

There’s a barrier! Holders with Version for Android below than 4.0.4 may not be able to use the app. And only 34 countries are getting a hold of Napster app.

Music Download Elite

All new latest songs are available in this app. You need not wait for any new song to come after a certain period of time. The barrier for using the app: sometimes the app just collides and stop working. No doubt, it holds a huge collection of music stored on it.

Plus, you can get to see snaps of ads frequently while using it. Not getting a particular song on the web? Just make a try of this app if you wish to!

Free MP3 Downloads

You just need to make a tick! Sounds easy. Doesn’t it? Yes, of course. You just need to find out your pet composer, song, album and you’ll get to view a link that would make you go to the song you desire.

It means you won’t be able to use it as a commercial one. But still, this app (free mp3 downloader) sounds worth it and calls for a try once. And if you like it, you can use it further too.

Radio Player by Audials

No doubt, there’s no downloading process in this app. But still, it will work out for you. Wanna know, how? We’ll tell you. Heard of radio? Well, this acts as a radio too. You’ll get to capture a number of stations from where you could hear up songs.

You can find your favorite collection to using it. Approx 10,00 stations are involved in this app. You may record your pet song and hear it again and again. Plus, you could hear it through any of the music players you wish to. Also, there’s no cost applied in its’ usage. Enjoy it free!


Having a warm-up session while doing exercise? Wish to hear something soothing with that? Then, this app sounds absolutely correct for you. It will allow you to make a record of any kind of song you wish through using cache option.

Plus, it also provides a large number of genres for you. It is best suited for use at exercise time or when you’re up on a drill. May the genre be Rock, hip, hop, pop, bass, drum and much more. Once an observation was made for checking out the reviews of the app.

It concluded that using this app during work out session boost up your motivation level and makes you do more than you thought. 35% increase in your stimulation would be captured by you. You’ll feel great to use this app.

Advanced Download Manager

This app is a mixture of more than you thought. It not only allows you to download music for free but also provides you with storing videos, tones, visual images, files, and documents. When you wish to hear a particular song, it’ll provide you the link for that song and you can use it.

Chances are it may take some time, but once you get its’ usage procedure, you’ll find it easy and convenient. At once, you can download more than one song. This sounds amazing. There’s no chance that you are missing this app. It calls for a try for sure!

Pep MP3 Downloader

Well rated app. Absolutely convenient to use. XDA developed this app only for the users of Android. After that, XDA got included in some chaotic situation for the patent of the app and got a removal. There’s nothing to worry about for you.

You can download its APK file and use it. All you need is to search out your pet song or music and make a download for the same. Plus, you can go for online streaming too if you wish. Enjoy the music!

TubeMate Audio and Video Downloader

It acts like a Youtube. Yes, you may even download videos of your lovable songs. That’s so interesting. Plus, you can add up the MP3 version for the same too on your phone. All you need is to find out your pet album, or song and then it goes to ‘YouTube’ for download option.

If you wish, you can go with the mp3 too. One thing you should be aware of using this app is that- you need to make an installation of ‘MP3 Media Converter’ app too. This would help you to get an mp3 file for your desired song or music.

If you wish, you can go with the mp3 too. One thing you should be aware of using this app is that- you need to make an installation of ‘MP3 Media Converter’ app too. This would help you to get an mp3 file for your desired song or music.

iTube Music

Play store just observed that this app is continuously asked by the users for its’ installation. This means there’s something in the store that we need to look at. Positive reviews it gets! That sounds great. With this app, you can go for both options: ‘online streaming’ or ‘download song’.

This is a lovable feature. Now, you can first review your song and then make a download. The only effort you need to do it is searching out the song you wish to hear and make a download for offline playing.

One thing you need to consider is that your android version should be more than or at least 4.1. The app holds a good number of collection. You pet song would definitely come up to you using this app.

It calls for a try at once. Then there are chances you would be involved in the list of giving positive reviews for the app. It is not bounded by any charges.

MP3 Music Download

One of a satisfactory app available free of cost. Not only downloading songs, it also holds in a much more advanced features too good to handle. You can even use a ring maker through this app. Also, it produces a good quality music.

More than one music could be downloaded simultaneously. Well, this feature calls for a star rating. Doesn’t it? Sometimes, we got a little time and wish to download more than one song. So, this goes up with the flow.

All you need is to make a search for your dearest song or music and download it. Plus, if you wish you can use the online streaming option available there. There you can see a toggle showing download option. Press it and make a download. Have fun, celebrate. Play lots of music with this app.

Omega MP3 Downloader

A mostly recommended app. If you ask your friend about what app they use for music purpose. Chances are you’ll get to hear the name of Omega app.

This app would allow you to try online streaming. Play store doesn’t hold access to this app. But there’s something that calls you to give a try for this app. You’ll enjoy lots of music with this!


Hope you find your best free mp3 music download apps for Android. If you have, then name the best free mp3 downloader application of yours.

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