List of Best Kodi Addons for Movies, Live TV and Sports [Working 2018]

Best Kodi Addons
Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons for Movies, Live TV, Sports, Video, Firestick, Android, PPV, Anime: Here we are with a well-researched list of Kodi add-ons. But before we go into details, let’s have an initial review. (check: Kodi on Android.)

In general, here are the top 10 best Kodi addons to cater all your entertainment need at a single click:
1. Neptune Rising
2. Placenta
3. Incursion
4. Genesis Reborn
5. Magic Dragon
6. Maverick TV
7. Supremacy
8. Uranus
9. Tubi TV
10. Movie Theater Butter
11. Covenant
12. Poseidon
13. cCloud TV
14. Gurzil

Best Kodi Addons

And if you want it in specific categories, we have got too. Didn’t I just say a well-researched list?

Best Kodi Addons for Xbox One

  • Neptune Rising

It’s a competitor of Exodus and Covenant, and best for Xbox users. This addon makes available movies and tv shows in HD quality. Another reason why it has become the most popular is that it provides a lot of links and sources for a movie than you will find anywhere else. It’s available in the Blamo Repository.

  • Incursion Kodi

It runs without any flaw with Xbox One and brings all the latest tv shows and movies to users. Incursion has got a similar UI as of Covenant and Exodus, but provides content in high quality. Also, it has got a separate section for new arrivals, categorized in New Movies and New Episodes. You can get it from Incursion Repository

  • Sports365 Live

The users of Xbox can now watch live sports matches of football, tennis, boxing, cricket, etc. all day long on their devices. It’s easy to use because it has got only one section – Live Sports. Here, you will find a list of sports currently being played and aired live. It belongs to Qwer Repository

  • Copy and Paste

It is best for those who are a big fan of 90’s and 80’s movies. The name may sound a bit weird, but it provides all genre movies like musical movies, psychological, martial arts, etc. It belongs to Maverick repo.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Videos

Be it your favorite TV show, your team ticking it off in finals, a full length feature film or just a simple news story, the addons listed below are going to become a paradise for all your video streaming needs. In a jiff!


Obviously, if you find a guy who says he hasn’t heard of this name your next question surely gonna be, “Dude! Are you really from earth?” So, when such a brand comes up with its own customized addon for Kodi streaming, there is no doubt that it will stand on top of everyone.

Reddit hosts millions of videos each day and using addon, you can stream any video from Reddit on Kodi. It also comes up with a plethora of features if you simply login with your Reddit account.

  • CNET Podcasts

This is another awesome addon which is going to change the way you watch videos forever with its super customized long list of content. Also, a single look at it reveals that it is going to be paradise if you are one of those guys for whom staying in the arena of latest tech gadget info is a hobby. It is surely worth a try!

Best Kodi TV Addons

Now this section is especially for you if you write binge-watch in the section called hobby. Be it upcoming GOT, Arrow, Flash, Suits, Prison Break or whatever you name, these addons below will surely satisfy your hunger to the last ounce.

  • iPlayer WWW

iPlayer WWW is a TV addon for Kodi that allows you to stream shows from BBC iPlayer. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. You ought to keep in mind that the addon is not an affiliate of BBC iPlayer but it you use it to stream TV shows such as Sherlock, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and much more.

  • YouTube

Now, this is the guy who surely needs no introduction. None at all! With over a billion subscribers and counting, this service from Google will surely be the best option to go for if you are ready to pay.

You can get all your favorite shows at a single spot and in ultra high definition. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day.

Best Kodi Addons
Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Movie Addons

So, finally, it’s time that we look into the very essence of the word entertainment: Movies! You always choose from the following list of add-ons to chew on the popcorn on weekends.

  • Covenant

It has become the most popular Kodi add-on and Exodus has been officially replaced with it. It is much more stable than any other movie add-ons including Exodus. This is the reason why it became #1 in the Kodi world.

  • Placenta

It’s a Covenant competitor offered by Blamo Repository. This Kodi add-on offers users free copyright materials – movies and tv shows without any delay.

  • Genesis Reborn

After getting shut down, Genesis was reborn with the name – Genesis Reborn. It has got the same team of developers which were behind the Genesis add-on. The new one has got all the features of its predecessor.

  • Exodus

Exodus is a next-generation Kodi addon, developed by Lambda. Its user interface seems to be a copy of Netflix itself. being one of thebest Kodi addons,

Exodus enhances user streaming experience by supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and IMDB. If you didn’t get what you, just ignore this geeky stuff and understand that, in a crux, this all helps provide the users a premium experience!

Check: How To Install Exodus Kodi Addon?

Best Kodi Live TV Addons

Streaming live TV online is surely the future now. So why should Kodi lag behind? You can now enjoy binge-watching your favorite tv shows like The Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones, etc. So, here we have some of the best live tv addons for Kodi 2018.

  • USTVNow

This is the most widely used addon to stream live TV and requires a subscription from USTVNow official website. As of now, it offers channels like CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News. But the hype is that the company is planning to expand this list at the earliest. So, without any further wait, add this addon and get going.

  • Deck Chair

The name might sound weird, but it offers a great content. You can watch all the latest movies, tv series, 24/7 live tv, live sports, etc. It offers the media content in HD. The users can find it in Mr. and Mrs. Smith Repository at

  • Skynet Kodi

It’s more of a live sports addon than a live IPTV one. Because it mostly provides you with popular live sports channels. Also, it brings you movies for free and you can find the latest films too. Most of the new movies running in cinemas can be found here in HD cam versions. It is available in Maverick Repository.

  • BritFlix

This addon is for British fans around the world. They can watch their favorite tv shows and live streaming channels in Britain alone. Along with it, you can find movies and documentaries all day long. It’s available in the Bizzle Builds Repository.

Best Kodi Live Sports Addons

If you are one of the numerous adrenaline pumped sports fans, then this section has been tailor-made for you. Here, we list the best Kodi addons for sports available which will get you going with a tub of popcorn while your favorite team makes it to the cup!

  • Sports Replay’s R Us

All the sports highlights videos are available at Sports Replay’s R Us Kodi addon. You can find around 25 sports highlights from across the globe. These sports include Wrestling, UFC, Tennis, NASCAR, Boxing, etc. Now, you don’t need to worry to catch the highlights, if you missed any of the game. You can find it in the GenTec Repository

  • NBC Sports Live Extra

With options like offers live sports, replays, and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events, this is another must-have stuff if you call yourself a sports maniac! Even though some of the games require NBC cable subscription, it’s really worth it.

  • cCloud TV

cCloud TV is more of an international product with channel streams from more than 10 nations from two different continents. Also, you get the option to choose the language of the comminatory depending on the region and availability.

  • Veilside

This add-on is available in the ComicSaints Repository. All the streams of Veilside are good, but its sports media content is better and entertaining. You can watch streaming of live sports channels like BT Sports, Sky Sports, Euro Sports, NBCS, etc. Here is the repository url ->

Best Kodi PPV Addons

Why pay for the whole monthly subscription when you have got the option to pay only for what you view. Kodi supports many addons which are made to cater to your pay-per-views (PPV) live online. Here are a couple of options you can try out and are obviously the best ones available right now.

  • Zem

This one takes the entertainment to a whole new level with its exhaustive list of content to choose from. BT Sports, BeIN, TSN, Sky, Showtime, ESPN and the list goes on. Along with all these, what sets Zem apart is the fact that it’s one the rare options which provide leading dramas, movies and TV soaps of Pakistan and India on a pay-per-views (PPV) basis.

  • Planet MMA

It’s a real treat for the UFC and MMA fans. There are 30 different categories too. To get the best performance, you should get a Real Debrid account. It will optimize your internet connect and use fast servers. So, you will enjoy PPV with smooth media streaming.

  • Fight Tube

It’s an interesting addon which brings a lot of unique content together. It is the best addon for those who are into WWE, UFC, Kickboxing, and similar sports. Its home screen features a long list of different categories of sports. You won’t find a dedicated PPV category, but you will get some interesting categories for sure like Showtime Sports and HBO boxing.

Best Kodi Addons
Best Kodi Addons

Best Anime Addon on Kodi

No need to be disappointed if you are an anime fan. Here are a couple of options for whom streaming high-quality anime episodes going to be their forte. So, try them out.

  • Dubbed Anime

It’s a simple Kodi addon which has all types of anime genre. On the homepage, you will find only three options – Search, Genre, and Latest Episodes. The Genre list contains a humongous list of categories like Comedy, Drama, Actions, etc. It is available in Blamo Repository.

  • Squad Control

It is one of the best Kodi addons for Anime and Cartoons. It categorizes media content into categories like Most Popular Genre, Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, Cartoons, etc. It provides latest and old shows for kids too. It can be found in Blamo Repository

  • Anime Incursion

The fans of anime will be able to find all the latest anime movies and tv shows. It also includes special category featuring special Anime videos.

  • Watch Nixtoons

It is especially for Cartoons and Anime. This addon categorizes content in categories like Dubbed and Subbed Anime List, Latest 50 Releases of the Month, Cartoons, etc. Also, you can search through the genre list. It’s also available through Incursion Repository

Best Kodi Addons List [Not Working Now]

Along with all the addons listed above here is a list of addons which has stopped working as of now:

  1. HD BOX
  2. UKTV Again
  3. Castway
  4. Phoenix
  5. Navi X
  6. TwitchTV
  7. Vdubt25
  8. Evolve
  9. Chaapa’ai
  10. iStream
  11. NAN Tutorials
  12. Football Repeat
  13. AnimeGo
  14. MP3 Streams
  15. Bandicoot Vids
  16. BAMF TV
  17. CartoonsOn
  18. Cartoons Clown
  19. VidTime
  20. FTV
  21. HEVC Video Club
  22. Rising Tides
  23. Deliverance
  24. Stream engine
  25. NetStreams Sports Hub
  26. Library Auto Update
  27. Fsociety
  28. Mobdina
  29. TuneIn Radio
  30. BOB Unleash
  31. MetalliQ
  32. SALTS
  33. Project M
  34. Stealth
  35. Supra Box
  36. Picasso
  37. OmniMovs
  38. Film Emporium
  39. SafeHouse Movie
  40. The Resistance
  41. Fantastic
  42. Beau’s Place
  43. Prometheus
  44. Fido Video
  45. Strictly HD
  46. Bubbles
  47. Uncoded
  48. Dr Doom
  49. Matrix
  50. Diamond Cinema
  51. Brotherhood
  52. Kidz Corner V2
  53. Sportie
  55. Flixanity
  56. KissAnime
  57. Ares Wizard
  58. Ares Fitness
  59. HD BOX
  60. Quantum
  61. SpinzFlix
  62. UK Turk’s Playlist

This is the list of best kodi addons available for movies, live tv, streaming, xbox one, premium, sports, and others. Stay tuned to TheReporterTimes for more.

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