Combin vs. AiGrow– What’s Better for Instagram Marketing?

Getting recognized content on Instagram is extremely challenging. One needs to overcome the challenge of the short attention span of the audience in order to gain engagement on Instagram. In the quest to gain more engagement on Instagram, there are a number of tools that might be very helpful to an Instagrammer.

While looking around the web for the best sites to buy legit Instagram followers, one might come across two of the giant Instagram advertising platforms – Combin and AiGrow. Today, we are going to review Combin and AiGrow based on various features and help you decide which one of the two platforms you should go for!


As apparent by its name, AiGrow claims itself as a tool that focuses all on growth. It combines Artificial intelligence with human knowledge to give reliable outputs. This Instagram management service offers various tools like AI-driven hashtags, Instagram scheduler, and many more packages. AiGrow can help to grow Instagram followers and boost engagement by using its advanced targeting techniques.

Combin is a smart social media marketing solution for skyrocketing Instagram growth. It was designed to help small or medium businesses and individuals plan and schedule posts and stories in bulk on Instagram. Combin helps digital marketers to improve visibility across the platform and gain engagement on Instagram.

It has proved itself to be among the best sites to buy Instagram likes by enabling administrators to track the audience’s activities and find influencers and new followers to facilitate marketing operations. Both the services boast of being the best, but let us compare them to help you opt one out for your needs.


The setup for AiGrow is really simple. Just like any other registration, it’ll need your name, your email address, and a password. Visit and select the “Free Trial” option and sign up using the necessary data. There’ll be no need for verification via email. AiGrow is compatible with three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

After the setup, you can easily connect your IG account by clicking on “Add Instagram Account” and entering your username and password. AiGrow’s dashboard allows you to add multiple IG accounts.

Registering with Combin is a bit more time-taking. Visit and enter your email address, which needs not be the same as the one from your IG account. You’ll need to agree with the service policy, before starting the download. Combin must be installed on PC and is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions. Like AiGrow, it is also available in three languages- English, German and Spanish.

After the desktop app installation, you’ll need to connect your IG account by entering your IG username and password. After login, you can see your posts and followers on the desktop app.

Top Features

AiGrow offers automated likes, follows, unfollows, comments, and DMs from your IG account on real channels in order to gain engagement on Instagram. With AiGrow, you can easily target an audience based on Hashtags, Location, Influencer account, Lists of usernames, etc. You can select any category that best fits your business and AiGrow uses it to improve your targeting. Also, AiGrow never operates any extra actions without your permission, and thus you have complete control.

With AiGrow, you get the chance to join engagement groups which can be used to get more likes and comments. You can also use AiGrow’s scheduler by simply uploading a post, writing a caption, adding hashtags, setting the date and time, and clicking “Schedule”. These reliable features available for AiGrow users make it one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Combin is a smart and useful tool that helps you work on a desktop easily and thus gives a more ordered IG. Combin enables you to search for posts using a particular hashtag or location.  You can also search for any user and select all of their posts to like or comment on. It also allows you to see your statistics and have a better understanding of your growth by finding and analyzing your Follows, Unfollows, Likes, etc. Combin allows users to connect with their target audience through advanced targeting features.

Support and Maintenance

Both IG management services provide very reliable customer support and maintenance services. AiGrow has a very detailed FAQ section which probably answers most of the questions that might arise. There’s also an option of connecting via chat or email in both AiGrow and Combin.

The help section of Combin is also very structured and detailed, consisting of brief descriptions about different processes. The Guides, FAQs, and How-Tos can easily solve nearly all the queries you might be seeking answers for. Combin also provides podcasts and masterclasses to teach people the in-depths of social media marketing.

Plans & Pricing

AiGrow offers users a five-day free trial. This trial allows you to test all the functionalities of this application, with no limits on the number of followers or post-interaction on your account. The plans can be quite expensive when bought for small or medium businesses such as advertising agencies.

Combin also provides a free starter package, in which you can just receive a few highlights. Nonetheless, Combin is more affordable as you need to just pay $10 per month for an individual record or $30 per month for a business account.

Bottom Line

Combin is more affordable and also can manage your IG page via a desktop app. You can follow, unfollow, Like, and Comment on a group of people at once with Combin, which is helpful in saving your time. Combin incorporates some of the best features of a growth tool that you may need to gain engagement on Instagram.

On the other hand, AiGrow is clearly topping the list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers because of its large range of features. It is a complete platform that can be used to grow your IG brand. Despite its cost, you can see effective results with just a little effort on your side. This easy-to-use platform can be used on any browser. Therefore, you should definitely try its free plan and then make an intelligent choice for your Instagram growth.

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