Chase Daniel Net Worth And Earnings Might Surprise You


Trendsetter NFL quarterback Chase Daniel Net Worth might surprise you big time. We all know that Sports Players and Entertainers around the world have lucrative earnings going on all around. But for a quarterback who is famed with the title of “Offensive Player of the league”, Chase Daniel’s net worth turns out to be a big shocker for every fan.

Chase Daniel is unstoppable after being signed as an ‘Undrafted Free Agent’ in 2009 by Washington Redskins. He was already popular in college for exemplary performance as a quarterback in college. His performance consistently improved after his initial years in college.

Chase Daniel Net Worth

Chase Daniel Net Worth: 43 Million USD

Chase Daniel is truly one of the quarterbacks who is literally making his fortune in millions. During the initial years, his net worth wasn’t much but the year 2009 wasn’t just another year in Daniel’s life.

His career began with a whooping contract with New Orleans for 1.1 Million USD and anot her salary payment totaling around 429,300 USD. However, the subsequent years were not so fortunate as he only received a salary.


Chase Daniel Net Worth started building in 2012 when he was signed up with New Orleans Saints for a contract worth a million dollars and a salary of 700,000$ with a signing bonus of 300,000$. From that day, the money always flowed in the right direction.

In the year 2013, Chase Daniel Net Worth saw a sudden spike with payments of more than 13 million USD, this time from Kansas City Chiefs.

The subsequent years gave him a little boost with earnings of around 5 Million USD in total.

However, the major twist in his total earnings was seen recently with him signing a big cheque for his latest deal with the Lions that pays $13M over 3 years, his net worth has finally reached the mark of 43 Million USD in total.

Chase Daniel Earnings

Chase Daniel is subsisting the backup Quarter Back dream. According to CBS Sports, Daniel has earned $157,381 per passed attempt.

So far we know how Chase Daniel Net Worth finally reached the heights he always deserved as probably the most amazing quarterback of current times.

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