‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Release Date and Rumors: Will It Feature Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ World ?

kingdom hearts 3 release date
kingdom hearts 3 release date

The release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t been finalized/public yet. But, we do have some KH3 updates and rumors for the fans. As the launch of one of the most anticipated video games is closing day by day, fans are setting their own personal world’s list which they want to see come within the new installment.

As of now, the developers haven’t revealed the full list of worlds which they have included in the sequel. So, except them, no one knows what’s going to come in the upcoming game. Only after the release, you will be able to check out if your dream list has become a reality.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

However, it hasn’t stop fans from dreaming of their ideal worlds. Recently, the game director offered a little insight regarding which worlds he would like to be featured in the upcoming segment. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Brian Intihar (Spider-Man PS4 game’s creative director) said that seeing Spider-Man in KingdomHearts would be “awesome.”

Intihar emphasized that Marvel worlds should start making their way into the series at the right time. He also wants Star Wars worlds to be included in the series. He got excited when the possibility of protagonist Sora came up as the iconic Spider-Man.

Intihar has a list of exciting ideas. It’s being highly expected that the series’ fan would love to include Marvel and Star Wars worlds to Kingdom Hearts 3. But, the developers haven’t unveiled a single world or any clue regarding which worlds would be there in the game.


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Kingdom Hearts 3 Rumors

Until the game is launched or the full list of worlds is unveiled, fan can continue to dream abou their favorite worlds. As nothing is official yet, we could get to see a highly unlikely predictions to come true. Even if Marvel or Star Wars worls haven’t been included, the developers will still have included an interesting collection of locations.

According to KHWiki.com, the list of confirmed worlds includes Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Kingdom of Corona, and Mount Olympus. Fans can expect locations based on Twilight Town, the End of Sea, and an Unnamed World. The included ones would be quite large.

kingdom hearts 3 release date
kingdom hearts 3 release date

The co-director Tai Yasue shared that one world in thenew game will be equvialent to one present in the previous game. The game’s worlds will be so big that the players will require a lot of time to explore even a single of them. So, it’s hard to think that fans would be happy after getting so much content.

Even if Star Wars and Marvel worlds won’t be there in the sequel, there will be enough content for users to explore them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release sometime in 2018.

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