Macbook Air/ Pro m2 student price list after education discount in India: Starting at 99,000 rs


Here is what the Macbook Air m2 student price list will look like for the people looking forward to buying the latest version of the Apple Laptop with the education discount.

The pricing starts from 1,00,100 for the basic model of Macbook Air post cashback. This is after a store-specific 7000 discount and student discount of 10%, which Apple offers on purchases for education purposes. The price adds up to 20,000 rs for going to the next slab or ram/ storage.


Macbook Air m2 student price list

Version Variant MRP Student Discount HDFC Cashback Effective Price
MacBook Air 8/256 119000 11900 7000 100100
MacBook Air 16/256 139900 13990 7000 118910
MacBook Air 8/512 139900 13990 7000 118910
MacBook Air 16/512 159900 15990 7000 136910
MacBook Air 24/1024 199900 19990 7000 172910
MacBook Air 24/2048 239900 23990 7000 208910
13-inch MacBook Pro 8/256 129900 12990 7000 109910
13-inch MacBook Pro 16/256 149900 14990 7000 127910
13-inch MacBook Pro 8/512 149900 14990 7000 127910
13-inch MacBook Pro 16/512 169900 16990 7000 145910
13-inch MacBook Pro 24/1024 209900 20990 7000 181910
13-inch MacBook Pro 24/2048 249900 24990 7000 217910


The education models are no different from the regular Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models. The education pricing is discounted to attract students and staff of Apple who want to purchase a MacBook for themselves. However, no GST billing is offered on the education pricing, which could be a dealbreaker for many customers.

These prices are for 8 Core models. The HDFC Cashback discount is often available only at the partner stores through HDFC smartbuy program. In addition, HDFC offers 5% Cashback on purchasing every model of Macbook Pro or Macbook Air through Imagine or Tresor store. The discount is generally capped at 7000 rs.

In addition to buying with an education discount and HDFC cashback, students can swipe the HDFC Millenia card to earn 1% cashback on all offline spending. This cashback will effectively reduce the price of Macbook Air m2 to 99,000 rs for students with HDFC credit cards.


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