Pricing Comparison for Top 10 Virtual Data Rooms in the Market

The Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms For Law Firms
The Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms For Law Firms

Not surprisingly, the best virtual data room providers currently offer the most profitable options for doing business for every type of business: law firms or financial institutions. The problem is figuring out – what kind of pricing policy a company follows and how much it will ultimately cost. That’s what we’re going to figure out now.

Price Spread for Data Room

The price range is rather broad and you always should do data room comparison. There is no upper price cap for virtual data rooms; some seasoned business owners have reported receiving invoices for sums much in excess of $100,000. Such high prices are typically associated with data room vendors that adhere to the per-page policy.

  1. Per-page. This strategy is still used by many manufacturers. The cost for one page ranges from $0.40 to $0.85 depending on the size of your project. For tiny businesses who don’t have a lot of paperwork to cope with, this concept could be ideal. However, if your business is big and you need to handle a lot of papers, a virtual data room software will set you back a lot of money.
  2. Per-user. This is quite a handy option from virtual data room providers if you have a small number of employees and are not considering adding more staff in the future. An administrative user may pay between $100 and $250, which is a significant difference in price. As you can significantly overspend if your team hosts numerous people.
  3. Per-size. This strategy is beneficial for teams with a small number of reasonably short papers, just like the two preceding ones. A price structure like this would be prohibitively expensive for you if you needed to exchange massive video files or photographs. The quantity of data storage that VDRs provide for a fixed charge varies. Additionally, the provider will charge you for each additional GB you use if you go over the allotted amount. One gigabyte may cost up to $75, which is a fairly hefty price.
  4. Monthly or annual subscription. The majority of reputable and reliable suppliers employ this strategy. An online data room software frequently provides a number of solutions appropriate for businesses of various sizes. You are given a certain quantity of data storage space as part of a price plan. Pricing can go up to $1000 per month and differs widely from vendor to vendor. Some virtual data room providers, nevertheless, make an effort to keep their costs low. For instance, iDeals provides 10 guest accounts, 500 MB of storage, and couple admins.

If you are okay with using less well-known and simpler suppliers, you can find a solution for even one hundred dollars per month. 


Comparison of Pricing on the Example of Ten Data Rooms

Any electronic data room does not write the price directly. So here we just compare virtual data rooms and what plans they have and whether there is a Free Trial or Demo.

  1. iDeals has three plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The price for Pro is about $430 a month, for the rest it is unknown and depends on the type of business. It has a free trial.
  2. Intralinks. Has a free demo, but pricing is also unknown without taking into account critical factors about your business.
  3. Datasite. Doesn’t have a free demo and pricing is unknown until you contact the consulting department.
  4. Box. Has three plans: Starter Business, Business Plus, Enterprise. Used for any business and has a free trial.
  5. DealRoom. There are three plans: Basic, Professional, Enterprise. Has a free trial and can be used for any business or start up.
  6. Imprima. Has two options: Introductory Package and Enterprise Package.
  7. Drooms. Has only Enterprise solution and free trial.
  8. Citrix. Has Standard, Advanced, Premium plans. Suitable for any type of business and has free trial.
  9. Ansarada. Has 90, 180, 360 plans and free trial.
  10. Sterling. Has scalable pricing and has no free trial or demo.

How Can a Virtual Data Room Be Tested out Before a Purchase Is Made?

Before you buy, you should familiarize yourself with the program. Virtual data rooms provide the following choices.

A free trial

Customers can utilize the virtual data room for free for a few days from very few suppliers. Normally, they’ll allow you to utilize all the features, but occasionally the trial version’s functionality is constrained. Given that you can utilize the software on your own, it’s the best choice.

A free demo

This is also a useful technique to explore a virtual data room’s inside. On request, the supplier will walk you through the user interface and all the functions. If the seller offers such a service, you can simply book the demo using the option found on the website.

A money-back guarantee

In this instance, using the virtual data room will cost you money. However, if you don’t like the program, you may get your money back. It’s better than nothing. However, if you ask for your money back, certain virtual data room services could become challenging. Sometimes they’ll attempt to convince you to remain, and other times you’ll have to wait a very long time for the money to show up in your account.


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