Are You Staying on Top of These Mobile Trends in 2022?

Are You Staying on Top of These Mobile Trends in 2022?
Are You Staying on Top of These Mobile Trends in 2022?

Mobile technology and social trends are constantly evolving. You may be surprised just how much digital trends can change from year to year. Here are some of the hottest trends that we are seeing this year. Are you staying on top of these mobile trends?


GameFi is a mashup of the words game and finance. Basically, it is the financialization of gaming, so it is the emerging concept that allows you to earn money from your games. This is a huge incentive for people to have fun and make a few extra bucks in their free time. It is no wonder more and more games are finding ways to do this.

For example, you can play at these online casinos for real money. These sites include mobile apps or sites that are optimized for your mobile device. This guide makes sure the sites they recommend are licensed properly. Not only that, they also examine player safety, the variety of real money games on offer, and the quality of their casino bonuses. Looking to have fun while having a chance to win some money? Start here!

Other ways mobile gaming is being financialized is through people buying and selling digital goods for real money. If you level up a character, or get a hold of a rare artifact in an adventure game, some players may be willing to buy it for real money. It is a pretty nifty way to earn some cash!

Augmented Reality

Most of us are familiar with the trend of virtual reality gaming. This is where the entire world is recreated in the virtual sphere. You can then navigate this entirely new world. However, the concept behind augmented reality is a bit more novel.

Augmented reality combines the virtual and the physical worlds. This can be d one in many ways. For example, there is a prototype for glasses that will be able to give you directions. Similar to our mobile phones now, but the route will be highlighted directly in your field of vision. Digital arrows will appear over the actual corner. This would make getting lost much more difficult.

Pokémon GO is one of the best known examples of an app that uses augmented reality. Players can log in and hunt Pokémon and use the camera in their phone to “see” them in the physical space. This opens up fun possibilities, such as having to go to specific locations to catch specific Pokémon.

Fifth Generation Mobile Connectivity

There is a lot of hype and a lot of rumors surrounding 5G. Fifth-Generation mobile connectivity promises to bring in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and change app development in surprising ways. What is it and how do we expect it to affect upcoming mobile trends?

5G connectivity will use a new wave spectrum that makes for shorter and faster connection, even if they do not reach as far. This means that there will need to be more transmitters closer together in order for 5G to be ubiquitous.

This will allow for extended battery life, and increased speed and interconnectivity will allow mobile developers to implement augmented reality, access to the Internet of Things, wireless health, and driverless vehicles.

We are only beginning to see the possibilities that this will open up! It is a good time to get ahead of the curve on this one!

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps, also known as instant apps, are a hybrid between websites and apps. This allows them to be built much faster and take up less memory on our phones. Because it is a website with app functionality, it is a smoother user experience, increasing user retention. Progressive web apps require less load time, and will update automatically.

These instant apps became especially popular for online commerce stores during the pandemic. With the increase in new users, stores such as AliExpress noticed the huge advantages in user retention, conversion, and ultimately. sales. Some have reported as much as 60% of progressive app users deleted the native app in order to save space on their phones.

If you are using a native app, developing a progressive app could save your company tons of money in new revenue and development costs.

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