Rocket League Release Date and Updates: Brings New DLC and Patch 1.24 Released

Rocket League Release Date, Updates
Rocket League Release Date, Updates

Rocket League Release Date, Updates: RocketLeague is a sport (soccer) action game in which the players are equipped with rigged booster vehicles that can hit the ball for amazing goals and epic saves from the opponent team. It has highly detailed arenas. This game is getting new updates in form of new maps, new cars and new trophies and achievements. (check: New GoPro Cameras.)

The game is made for MS Windows, PS 4, Xbox One, OS X and Linux platforms. It runs on Unreal Engine 3. It was first seen in July 2015 and got the excellent response. It has been nominated for the Best Game of the year. It is a single player as well as the multiplayer sports game. It has the soundtrack by Mike Ault. The soundtrack makes to play it quite impressive. Many new soundtracks have been released now.

Rocket League Release Date, Updates

This time, the developers have introduced a new arena- the AquaDome. It is said to be a beautiful underwater location arena for the game. This arena won’t allow you to float on the water but will be availing an arena with glass-domed space inside the sea. (check: Nexus 2016 Updates.)

This arena is also free for the gamers all over the world as the traditional arenas of it. New premium DLC cars have been added to the game. The cars are named ‘Triton’ and ‘Proteus.’ These premium cars are not free. You need to pay $1.99 for each car or equivalent your regional money.

Rocket League Release Date, Updates

New achievements and trophies have been added to in this next update of the game. The winning of MVP award in that goes to overtime gives GG (award-25 points). Scoring, saving and assisting a goal in a single game will also give an award of 25 points (Trifecta).

The activation of every power-up in Rocket League in a game makes you award 25 more points (Infinite Power!). Get Up; Mr. Bubble is a new award which is awarded when you equip the Bubble Rocket Trail and score an Aerial goal in AquaDome arena (50 points). 75 more points are awarded when the player 535 shots on goal.

It was said that it had reached 21 million players from 20 million. It is expected that the company is going to earn a lot from this update. The company also ensures that the update’s patch are coming soon after the launch of the upgrade.

Rocket League Release Date, Updates

The new update of the game released on October 4. Psyonix’s “Rocket League” Patch 1.24 now enables players to engage in an underwater football using the recently added AquaCar. New cars were also included worth $2 each. The cars include Proteus and Triton

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