Top 7 Apps for Your Apple Watch


Apple Watch is a multifunctional device. Of course, it doesn’t let you watch movies or play with a 22Bet casino bonus, or read books. But it’s helpful with many other tasks, and these apps will make this gadget even more useful.


With fine-tuning, you can customize the visual presentation, days of the week, exact time, frequency, and even the sound of the reminders in the program. Besides, the integration with Apple Health allows you to add physical activity habits tasks, the data will be calculated automatically.

A total of 6 basic habits can be added. The limitation is made by the developers on purpose, so that the attention was focused on only a few goals.

The Apple Watch displays reminders to close the task, what the effect will be, as well as a complete list of selected habits. If the task is consistently successful, the program will offer to increase the load. 


If you already use Citymapper on your smartphone, you know how useful it can be when getting from point A to point B. The Apple Watch app makes this tool an even more important part of your journey. If you’re riding the bus or subway and have trouble getting your phone out, the Citymapper app can help you know at what stop it’s time to get off. Moreover, you can always keep track of the time of your trip.

iTranslate Converse 

iTranslate Converse is a compact voice translator right on your wrist. Support for 38 languages, automatic language detection, audio to text transcription are just some of the features of the app.

It’s simple, handy and compact. It will come in handy when you travel abroad.

Bring! Shopping List 

Bring! Shopping List has a minimalistic interface and allows you to create clear shopping lists, as well as synchronize lists with other users. All products are divided into categories and visually presented as cards. A long click on them allows you to add a description as well as mark the number of products you need. It is possible to make extra cards outside of the presented list.

On the Apple Watch screen, the list is displayed as icons with descriptions. Tapping each item you close the purchase. Managing such a list from the watch is easier and more convenient than holding a smartphone while shopping.


This podcast listening app can be singled out for a variety of reasons, including the effort and care the developer put into its creation.

Podcasts can be saved both on the watch itself and on your phone, allowing you to listen to them on the go when you don’t want to reach for your smartphone. Clear and simple interface even on the small screen, volume control and smart algorithms for skipping pauses. What else do you need for comfortable listening?


Carrot Weather

There are plenty of iPhone weather apps with very decent widgets for the Apple Watch, but Carrot Weather gathers so much information on the small screen of your wrist that it’s even surprising.

A complete weather forecast for the coming hours and days and lots of useful information are available.


One of the main reasons to buy a smartwatch is that it helps you do those things that would require you to pull your smartphone out of your pocket every time.

Elk definitely helps here by allowing you to convert currencies right on your Apple Watch screen. Since Elk knows where you are, thanks to the watch’s built-in GPS, it can automatically identify the currency you need.


Forget about the Apple Watch’s built-in, limited stopwatch, and just download Multi Timer. The app allows you to set multiple timers for different events and run them simultaneously from your smartwatch screen. Moreover, you can put MultiTimer on your home screen and have quick access to it.

This iPhone app would also be useful, since you can’t set multiple timers at the same time on iOS.

Just Press Record 

The ability to play, switch, and pause music on the Apple Watch is extremely handy functionality. But what about voice memos? With a single tap, Just Press Record can take a voice memo, recognize your voice, and translate it to text. It’s convenient and fast.

All notes sync with the rest of your devices via iCloud. So you can access your dictated messages from almost anywhere.

Streaks Workout

In Streaks Workout, you can find everything you need for daily exercise: exercise sets with algorithms, recommendations, and statistics. You don’t have to go to the gym for this, you can do almost all of your exercises at home.

First, the user is offered to choose up to six different types of exercises (push-ups, plank, squats, etc.). After that, it will be enough to specify the duration of exercises (from 6 to 30 minutes), and the program will independently compile a whole training program, depending on the selected preferences. It is also possible to create an individual workout.

During your workout, Streaks Workout displays on your watch as an animated image of the type of exercise you are doing, as well as statistics and time of its completion.

In the settings, you can train, change the menu color, turn off the sound, adjust the display of cues, and synchronize data with iCloud.

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