The Top 5 Benefits of Using the Blink Employee Management App

The Top 5 Benefits of Using the Blink Employee Management App

If you’re still running your HR department the old way it probably can’t keep up. Modern employees demand efficient access to information, communication, and light speed scheduling systems.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using the Blink Employee Management App
The Top 5 Benefits of Using the Blink Employee Management App

Today’s article will take you through the top 5 benefits of using the Blink mobile employee application to better connect your teams together.

  1. Highly Organized and Accessible Information

In the past finding out just what benefits you were entitled to be a real struggle. You had to go to the HR department and wait for them to pull up your file.

If you were lucky they’d have the right binder of benefits information for your job class and time in the role. If not you’d probably need to come back in a week or so. With Blink, you can organize all your employees benefit, role, and job-specific information into one convenient location.

They can look up their question about maternity leave right on their phone or computer. Better informed employees are happier, more productive employees.

This is also a great way to integrate internal job postings. This gives your employees more ways to advance within the company. If employees feel you care about their career development they’re a lot more likely to stay.

  1. Scheduling

A lot of you probably remember asking a manager to pull out the old PTO binder. The one you would flip through until you found a pencil mark free week to get your annual vacation time in.

With Blink, those days of straining your eyes for availability are long gone. A customized app can maintain an up to date listing of all PTO requests and availability. Your employees can request time off from the comfort of their home.

You can even set it up to automatically approve or deny PTO based on specific criteria. This speeds up the process of managing employee scheduling tremendously.

It can also be used to more effectively manage your hourly employees. Having to come into work to find a paper schedule can be annoying. This is especially true if they aren’t working the day the schedule is posted.

A well-made employee app integrates scheduling software. This allows you to push your weeks or months schedule out the moment it’s complete.

  1. Custom Notifications and Communication

If you’ve ever jumped between your emails, Skype, a CMS, and your company intranet to find a single message you know the pain of too many platforms. One of the greatest benefits of an effective employee app is clear pathways of communication.


You can send out a companywide notification or target it to specific departments. This lets you control the announcement of major changes or important company information. Employees get nervous when they aren’t kept in the loop. Nothing is worse for productivity than rumors of a big change flying around.

Emails, messages, and project-specific notes can all be found in one simple interface. It’s incredible how much you can speed up daily workflow with effortless communication.

  1. Comprehensive App Integration

When employee management software was first released it was billed as a way to simplify HR. In a lot of cases though we went from lots of forms and file cabinets to lots of apps and databases.

They were each useful but they required multiple sign-ins and multiple people to manage. A high-quality employee app allows you to combine many of the most popular apps together into a single location.

You can combine your email solution and HR reporting function together in one place. Studies have shown employees are happier and more productive when they have an easy to use workflow. Understanding breeds excellence in the workplace.

  1. Measure and Improve Employee Engagement

Information is the basis of successful business these days. Effective employee engagement surveys provide you with a ton of useful information.

They allow you to identify potential problem points or test out new policies in a targeted way before rolling them out on a large scale. Almost more important than the knowledge gained is just letting your employees know you care about their views.

Blink allows you to effortlessly run an employee survey. Every employee, wherever they are in the world, can receive the same anonymous survey. In the past, you would have to physically print out survey questions and get one in the hands of every employee.

Then there was the consistent belief among employees that the survey was some kind of trick. A way to find discontent and purge it from the company and Blink allows you to run fully anonymized surveys quickly and efficiently.

Adapt and Overcome

Even if you’re content with your hodgepodge of systems and information your employees probably aren’t. A customized employee management app not only gives you more effective control over communications, but it also allows you employees much greater access to vital information to their lives.

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