Top 5 Most Romantic Czech Films About Love

Romantic Czech Films About Love
Romantic Czech Films About Love

The Czech movie industry has a special place in the world’s history of cinematography. It was the Czechs that gave the world names such as Milos Forman, Vera Chytilova, Jan Shvankmaher, and others. But today, the Czechs continue to actively produce new fascinating movies.

This can be explained by the fact that this industry is loved and supported in the Czech Republic. The halls where Czech flicks are shown are never empty. About 15-20 flicks are shot in the country annually.

Three Czech flicks were awarded the Oscar for best films in a foreign language. In 1965, it was The Shop on Main Street, in 1968 – Closely Watched Trains, and in 1996, Kolya.

After that, many films were nominated for this prestigious award, but none of them got it. Among the latter, the 2006 film I served the English King which did not manage to get the award but was nominated in the main competition at the Berlin Film Festival.

Romantic Czech Films About Love
Romantic Czech Films About Love

Today we will celebrate the top five most romantic Czech flicks, starting with…

1. Closely Watched Trains

The flick Closely Watched Trains is the film adaptation of the novel by Bohumil Hrabal from the Czech director Jiří Menzel. Menzel also shot a Czech classic of literature and film industry called I Served the English King which the Czech Republic put forward for the Oscar in 2006.

The action in the film takes place in the years of war. In the center of the plot is a teenager called Milos Hrma who is doing an internship at a small train station. The boy likes the way he looks in the uniform. He wants to be like his adult comrades.

Milos falls in love with conductor Masha. He invites her for a date and even spends the night with her that ends for him with complete failure and even thoughts of suicide. Meanwhile, the war is coming to an end. The guerrillas are watching how military trains pass through the station and hope for the assistance of guides.

Miloš does not even suspect that when everything seems to be over, the most terrible danger awaits him.

2. The Shop on the Main Street

The flick The Shop on Main Street was produced in 1965, in Czechoslovakia. Studio shooting took place at Prague Barrandov, while nature was filmed in today’s Slovakia. The main female role in the film was performed by the famous Polish actress Ida Kaminska. In 1965, this flick was awarded the Oscar for the best foreign movie.


There is also a Golden Globe in the prize box with a special award from the Cannes Festival jury.

In the center of the plot is a simple Slovakian carpenter Tohno Brtko who participates in the program of Aryanization of the population during World War II. Svoyak passes Tohno a small shop which is owned by a Jewish

woman that they call Lautmann. She sells buttons, and the business brings almost nothing to her. Tohno also has no entrepreneurial spirit in him. But the carpenter’s wife is sure that now she and her husband will surely get rich.

Carpenter is afraid of the wrath of his wife and goes to the store every day, pretending that things are going well. And everything is not so bad: Tohno gets paid by the local Jewish community so that the Jewish shop won’t face any competition. And this goes on until all Jews are evicted from the city.

3. Marecek, Pass Me the Pen!

Pan Kroupa, who works at the plant for the production of agricultural equipment, really wants to take the position of a new line operator in a new workshop. However, he has a serious competitor – Pan Guer. He tries to achieve a new appointment by hook or by crook.

The problem, however, is that neither one nor the other can receive this position. Since both of them have no secondary education, which is a prerequisite for moving up the career ladder. Guer knows what’s going on and gets enrolled in an evening school. Kroupa doesn’t want to go there, but his colleagues manage to persuade him.

4. Sestřičky (Nurses)

It’s a funny portrayal of the Czech province of the fifties of the XX century. A young nurse was sent here as a punishment for being caught in a dormitory with a young man. There they had sex, and, as we know, there was no sex in the USSR.

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5. Ani ve snu! (In your dreams)

The main character is 15 years old. Laura is a sporty girl who dreams of doing parkour and becoming a member of a street team. Laura is in love with Luka. Because of this love, she begins to live a double life: in romantic dreams and in reality. But she will have to make a choice.

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