Best TV Lifts for End of Bed

Best TV Lifts for End of Bed

We live in times when automation has already spread so widely that we can see it almost everywhere – household equipment, heavy machine-building, shipbuilding, robotics, space exploration, etc. Another field where linear actuator automation was successfully implemented is the house furniture industry. And here are what it gives.

Comfortable conditions became the top priority for five-star hotels hosting guests around the world. And what can be of more importance in the hotel room than the comfortable sleeping bed? You would probably answer – ‘nothing’ as this is what helps hotel visitors to get a good sleep and further live a productive day.

Best TV Lifts for End of Bed
Best TV Lifts for End of Bed

But your answer is only 50 percent right. Better than the ordinary sleeping bed is the sleeping bed with build in an automized TV monitor which can be lifted anytime you want to watch something interesting and hidden away when you don’t need one.

Progressive Automations company working in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia offers its linear actuator solutions elaborated and constructed by high-level professional engineers.

Experienced workers do everything possible to make customers be satisfied with the products supplied. To get familiar with the variety of these products the company offers – follow this link

Among the wide range of products offered are motorized TV lifts for screens of different sizes from 39 inches to 95 inches diagonal. At the pre-deal stage, the customer can also get the qualified pieces of advice relating the type of suitable TV lift unit.

Progressive Automations specialists will gladly help you to choose the type of motorized TV lift that will meet all demands and technical specifications needed to perform the work hoped.


TV lifts for the end of the bed can be chosen according to a few main technical characteristics: TV sizes, input voltage – which is extremely important due to the different voltage supply in different countries, stroke, force, and speed of travel.

Due to the wide space for making a mistake, it is highly recommended to consult with Progressive Automations specialists due to all the aspects of the products you want to purchase.

TV lifts for the end of bed might become an integral part of a modern high-tech home interior furnished accordingly to the latest technological trends popular & convenient in your region.

This technology can also possess sufficient convenience to houses and in particular for bedrooms with a limited amount of space where the space for modern TV monitor simply was not initially predicted. Also, you just probably may want to hide your TV due to some personal preferences in interior look.

All these reasons do not need a rocket scientist to buy and install Progressive Automation’ linear actuator motorized TV lift for the end of the bed even manually by your own hands at home. However, for those who prefer spending their time on something else the mounting services are also always available.

Using this particular technology once, and after being immersed in this futuristic fantasy you won’t ever want to switch get back to the old methods. Our specialists bet you will be satisfied.

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