What is XXXXXX File Format: How To Open, Edit and Convert Files?


What are XXXXXX allTunes files? This one is one of the many formats/extensions of a file we are bound to come across on our computers or elsewhere. And if you are like me, obviously the first thought to crash land on the runway of your grey matter would be that it’s a file containing some adult content and most probably pornography. But it’s nowhere even near that!

What is XXXXXX file format?

XXXXXX files are, most of the times, the uncompleted or partial download files created with allTunes, a program that lets a user search for and purchase music from his/her pc. Another possibility is that it can also be MediaMonkey Music manager file while it’s still in the download. Check: Kodi for Android.

Why are .XXXXXX even created?

The thing is that, in most of the downloaders, as soon as we start with our download, it creates a temporary file somewhere in the system memory (generally unavailable to a user like C drive in windows) where the data gets piled up and what we see is a progress bar running towards 100%. These temporary files are mostly not usable as the whole required sets of data elements are not present.

And that is why all the programs keep these files with a file format which cannot be opened by our general soft wares tools. As soon as, bar hits the finishing line of 100%, the downloader renames it to the required final extension and the file is shifted to the required location where you are supposed to find it.

For example, Chrome web browser saves them with CRDOWNLOAD, IDM simply goes for. FILE, BitComet prefers .BC. And in the same way, XXXXXX are files used by allTunes.

Opening XXXXXX files

Even though XXXXXX files are having music content (they are supposed to be .mp3 files in near future), they cannot be opened by music players as they don’t recognize any such format. So the best bet is to hold your horses and wait for the download to get completed. After that, allTunes itself will present you with a .mp3 file!


But still, after the download, you find that XXXXXX file is still present, it means that even though the file is having all the data components required, it won’t open as there must have been some error while executing this last renaming step. The solution is to take matters in your hand and rename it yourself.

It’s simple and the same as renaming other regular files. Simply put your name followed by .mp3 format, and now it should play easily. If still its not playing, it means that the file has not been downloaded properly. You need to download it again.

Converting XXXXXX files

As now you are aware that such files are not complete files, you can not simply convert such files. But if simply changing the extension does the trick for you, then now it’s a general mp3 music file. Just like any other. So you can simply use any of the media converters to convert to your desired music format, just like you would do with any other music file!


Detailed information for file extension XXXXXX:

Primary association: allTunes
Company: Mediaservices, Inc.

To change file associations press Windows Key + X and then Apps and Features > Default apps > Choose default apps by file type. Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC.

Stay tuned to TheReporterTimes for more how to tech information. If you want to more info or solutions to any errors/problems, then let us know via comments.

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