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The entire world goes online. Modern businesses always use a chance to claim max benefits the internet brings them. And so, lots of connections between organizations of any level are held in virtual space. Board portal software makes it much easier to hold a business meeting online than spending lots of time and money now and then just discussing things with partners. That’s why board portal software is rather popular in 2022.

And if you’re looking for a reliable board portal right now, look at the boardable software review – features, comparison, pricing, and alternatives.

What is Board Portal Software?

Board portal software is a high-tech tool thanks to which the board of directors of any organization can manage business processes and interact with all members remotely. It provides the board with a virtual platform for holding meetings, recording minutes, exchanging and viewing work files, and voting on various current issues.

That software also operates as a database for important files and information that the board may require. Besides, it provides a particular virtual space that brings all the participants together. While this consolidation presents a general overview of current tasks for each board member, the virtual format allows them to collaborate even if they are in different cities and countries.

How to Work Using Virtual Boardroom Software?

Virtual boardroom software is an advanced IT service that provides excellent video and text communication, file storage, and central business project management possibilities. Due to this technology, the board of directors offers higher control and productivity in events taking place in the virtual business environment.

The top options for the online board meeting are based on specific features of the software:

  • Seamless integration;
  • High standards of safety;
  • Easy to use utility;
  • Many functions in one place;
  • Tutorials for newbies;
  • Support service for clients 24/7.

Keep in mind that all these features are available only with those software vendors who comply with the up-to-date security requirements and employ top-advanced technologies. Furthermore, to confirm sufficient capacity, they must have the appropriate certificates.

The board portal software in 2022 can be used as:

  • Board Agenda Software;
  • Board Software for Communication;
  • Board Software for Collaboration;
  • Software for Board of Trustees;
  • Committee Management Virtual Software.

Before you start working using a virtual boardroom, you need to evaluate your company’s needs. Once you’ve done that, check out the functionality of each software vendor that interests you most.


Picking reliable software is an important step that should be taken very seriously. However, some sevices may be excessive and complicate the process when it comes to a small organization. Moreover, an extensive library of functions usually affects the cost, so be sure to discover a compromise.

Remember that good software vendors usually offer a test version in a package of services. The demo version is essential – it allows you to try out everything and check your virtual boardroom software to-be for integration and usability issues. That will be especially true for newbies who have never dealt with it.

Top Board Portal Software in 2022

How to choose the best board portal software for your business? You should take into account several important criteria, including safety, functionality, and price. Here you see top boardroom software in 2022:

  1. Azeus Convene

This is one of the best board management software solutions that raises the efficiency of virtual board meetings to the highest level. It organizes and distributes board files and provides the documentation and formation of action points. Azeus Convene virtual board software comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so it may become a perfect choice for various companies, banks, governments, and non-profit organizations in many countries worldwide.

  1. iBabs

Today, many companies use that convenient software because it is affordable, economical, and has many useful functions. With iBabs, you will manage the boardroom meeting of the board portal of directors more efficiently. The software is reliable, works fast, and has a relatively low cost.

  1. Contract Zen

With this program, you can forget about paper documents forever. Due to Contract Zen, company directors will be able to manage meetings at a distance and make a paperless meeting solution. They will organize a session, create a plan, regulate the processes during the business event, approve the outcome, and put in an electronic signature. Users who choose that software will be able to safely distribute materials, manage tasks, search for various files, and store and transfer large amounts of information.

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