Glow Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far

glow season 2 release date, glow season 2 trailer, glow season 2 cast, glow season 2 episodes, glow season 2 spoilers
glow season 2 release date, glow season 2 trailer, glow season 2 cast, glow season 2 episodes, glow season 2 spoilers

Glow Season 2: In June 2017, Netflix premiered a series named GLOW, which brought in actresses turned wrestlers. It turned out to be an unexpected hit leaving audiences in desperate need of a sequel. Hence, Netflix has already announced the release of the second installment. Going through the recent interviews, we noticed the incoming of new cast members and many other details about came to light.

What’s the latest news about Glow season 2?

glow season 2 release date, glow season 2 trailer, glow season 2 cast, glow season 2 episodes, glow season 2 spoilers

  • Glow will return for another 10 episodes.
  • Co-creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are back.
  • Executive producers Tara Herrmann and Jenji Kohan (Orange Is The New Black) are also back on board, this duo is surely ready to put up some great stuff, which all the fans can smell ahead.

What to expect?

In an interview with Deadline, EP Kohan said that they are going to take sufficient time to make next installment. The fans can expect to shift up of gear. Let’s see if rivals Ruth and Debbie would be able to overcome their differences. Probably, it would take the center stage. The theme of the series, i.e., wrestling, will be taken to next level. Flahive suggested that they have held back as much they have shown. So, viewers should get ready for more impressive pro moves.

When is the Glow season 2 release date?

According to the latest updates, the Glow season2 may be released anytime in summer this year (2018). The cast is all eager to get started again. Betty Gilpin, who plays Debbie, told THR that all the ladies are eagerly waiting to start filming again. She also said that they regularly talk how much they miss wrestling.

Is there a Glow season 2 trailer?

Any promo or teaser hasn’t been released yet. The announcement for the new season was made on August 11. We will update and include it here at the earliest.

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Glow Season 2 Episodes: How many will be there?


According to the press release, the season 2 also is coming up with 10 episodes, like the previous installment.

Glow Season 2 Cast: Who is returning? New members?

The full cast of season1 is ready to return. Alison Brie will be back as protagonist Ruth Wilder, Betty Gilpin as Debbie Eagan and Marc Maron as boss Sam Sylvia. Ellen Wong, Britt Baron, Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekka Johnson, Kate Nash, Sunita Mani, Sydelle Noel, Gayle Rankin, Kia Stevens, Jackie Thon and Britney Young are expected to reprise their roles.

There may be possibilities that the writers and directors may bring in some new members. If these rumors are true then we are all eagerly waiting for the new characters.

What happened at the end of season1?

The season one of Glow takes us to the flashback with Mark, Debbie challenged Ruth to a match, right after the latter wins the GLOW crown (from the consideration of the first episode ). Debbie defeated Ruth and become the new GLOW Champion. However, under the guidance of Sam, Tammé steals the crown to continue the storyline.

What’s going to happen in season 2?

The center of attraction will be the rivalry between Ruth and Debbie after the finale. Betty Gilpin said that Debbie is the youngest, prettiest, and the most successful person in the room; and go on to say that all of it will fade away in new season.

A pilot for the show has already been shot, that’s an accomplishment. However, the success will depend on what’s coming next.

All the fans are eagerly waiting for the season 2 of Glow, whose first installment took the audiences by storm, hope so that the second installment will also create much buzz and surprise the audience again.

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