Limitless Season 2 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

limitless season 2 release date, limitless season 2 plot, limitless season 2 cast, limitless season 2 episodes, limitless season 2 characters, limitless season 2 trailer
limitless season 2 release date, limitless season 2 plot, limitless season 2 cast, limitless season 2 episodes, limitless season 2 characters, limitless season 2 trailer

Limitless Season 2: This TV series hasn’t been renewed for the second installment yet. But, there are huge hopes that Limitless sequel would release. There are reports that the producers have got a new storyline for it. Fans are also going crazy and demanding the showrunners to release the second season at the earliest.

Let’s see who, Amazon or Netflix, welcomes it on its network, if it’s renewed. Until there’s any official word, let us check out its speculations, preview, and predictions. As per a report, the producers have finally come up with a concept for the upcoming installment. So, it shouldn’t be canceled by any means. The latest developments indicate towards a good news.

Limitless Season 2 Release Date

As the season1 of Limitless was extremely successful, huge hopes have taken shape automatically. Expectations have also risen for a new season. However, it hasn’t been officially announced yet. According to the latest reports, Amazon has picked it up and should release by March 2018 (according to ModUp).

As per the sources, NZT is the reason for the show not getting its renewal. The streaming networks – Amazon and Netflix can’t control their viewers’ age, but they can control what kind of series they can stream to the public. They are already aware of it.

Why Are Networks Shying To Air Limitless Season 2?

limitless season 2 release date, limitless season 2 plot, limitless season 2 cast, limitless season 2 episodes, limitless season 2 characters, limitless season 2 trailer

A source said that the ratings of the first installment went up high due to the controversial plot related to the NZT pill. It made it a big hit on CBS

during its initial days of release. But, after that, it faced a drop in ratings. Thus, CBS took a decision not to renew it for a future installment.

Earlier, there was a buzz in the industry that either Amazon or Netflix will pick it up. Only after that, the second installment of Limitless would arrive. However, none of the two have confirmed it yet. It’s because both the networks are taking their time to think if they should renew it or not.

Since the series revolves around a controversial drug – NZT, Netflix and Amazon have opted not to gamble. So, unfortunately, they decided not to pick the sequel up.

Fans are still optimistic about the series’ renewal, but showrunner Sweeny has already confirmed that it has no future.

I’m truly sad to report that #Limitless will not continue on any platform. Thanks so much to everyone who watched.

— Craig Sweeny (@CraigSweeny) May 25, 2016

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Limitless Season 2 Plot/Storyline

The executive producer, Craig Sweeny said that they have come up with a new concept for the upcoming installment. The NZT will still remain as an important part of the TV series story. NZT might be slowly removed from the storyline. So, Sen. Edward Mora may face problems without it.

But, this time, the sequel will revolve around other characters like Rebecca and Boyle instead of just being Brian Finch as the central character. Brian is still an interesting character. It is reported by Celebeat.

Limitless Season 2 Cast

The list of cast and characters will be updated with time.

  • Jake McDorman as Brian
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Rebecca
  • Hill Harper as Boyle.
  • Georgina Haig as Piper Baird
  • Bradley Cooper as Sen. Edward Mora

It’s already clear that there is a huge demand for the second installment which makes it highly possible. Let’s see which of the two networks welcome it and when. It’s going to be a little risk with the renewal.

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  1. I just watch the whole first season of limitless I don’t understand how they can cancel a show like that it’s awsome I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen they would be crazy to not put out a season 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I mean I stood up all night watching this show and I just want to see more like for real I know I’m not the only one out there let see season two on Netflix fuck cbs Netflix is better anyway

  2. Limitless is 1 of the best shows ever! We should all pray for NETFLIX to pick it back up, if its the only possibility. I can not live with out Brian Finch! Sorry im a fangirl. Im never calm. EVEN WHEN IM SLEEPING. That was wierd sorry, again.

  3. Limitless is famous here in the Philippines. It would be a shame to disappoint Limitless FANS in the Netflix capital of ASEAN!

  4. I am not much of a television watcher, but stumbled on Limitless for entertainment while I ate meals. Well, that certainly changed. I watched all the installments within two days and told at least three others about it (which is also a lot because I am 69 and self-isolating). Wonderful concept, brilliantly executed. Kudos! And I so hope another season will be released, and another season after that created – at the bare minimum! And that is a ridiculous comment about how I have already posted my critique. I have never done that for any other tv show. You putz.


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