Naagin Season 4 19th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nayantara controls Vrinda as she turns into a Nagin!

Naagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!
Naagin / Nagin Season 4 2nd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev kills Swara in front of Vrinda!

The Nagin episode begins with Nayantara hypnotizes Vrinda with her melody. Vrinda keeps dancing on her tunes and transforms into a Naagin. Rajat says to Vaishali aunty that they should plan a party to make Dev spend time with Nayantara. (Check: Naagin Written Update.)

Dev’s cousins plan to use Rajat as their puppet and spike Vrinda’s drink to take their revenge. Nayantara burns the leaves and showers some liquid on it. Nayantara gets happy that the forest will catch fire and Vrinda will also die here. Dev looks at the burning flame which is coming from the forest and goes to check it.

Dev reaches the forest and Nayantara hears the bike’s voice. Nayantara gets upset that Vrinda was about to die, but her plan fails. Nayantara loses her control over Vrinda. Nayantara puts soil on the fire to stop it before Dev comes there. Vrinda is lying unconscious and her father finds her.

Naagin 4 19th January 2019 Written Update: Nayantara Controls Vrinda as Nagin
Naagin 4 19th January 2019 Written Update: Nayantara Controls Vrinda as Nagin

Nayantara gets hit by Dev’s bike. Dev questions what was she doing here? Nayantara says that she came for fresh air. Vrinda gets scared and wakes up. She can’t recall anything. Her mother makes her drink the soup. Vrinda’s father is talking with someone that she transforms into a very powerful Naagin.

Vrinda questions her father what is happening with her? He says that it is due to the weather. Vrinda says that she never gets unconscious like this. He says that she is fine and should take a rest now. Rajat comes to Vrinda and asks her father whether he can take her out? Rajat says that she will get better outside and Vaishali aunty has called her.

Dev’s cousins discuss their plan to spike Vrinda’s drink. Nayantara hears them and gets happy. Vrinda comes to the party, but can’t find Rajat. Dev comes to her, but Vrinda doesn’t talk with him. Vrinda says that he called her in the forest but didn’t come. Dev says that he didn’t call her.

Vrinda says that she is already not well, so she won’t fight. Dev questions what happened? Vrinda was leaving, but her leg got slipped and Dev holds her. Dev goes to bring ORS for Vrinda.

Dev’s cousin offers a drink to Vrinda as his apology. Vrinda also apologizes for her slap. Vrinda looks at Rajat drinking with Dev’s cousin. Hardik says to Vrinda that she should drink the juice. Dev starts finding Vrinda. Nayantara comes to him and shows him the medicine.

Nayantara says that someone is spiking a drink so she is not taking any drinks and he should also avoid it. Dev looks at Vrinda and goes to her.

Dev runs to Vrinda to stop her from drinking the juice. Vrinda leaves the drink and runs to Rajat. Dev smell’s Vrinda’s drink and was about to drink it. His cousin pushes him and the glass falls. Dev goes to see Rajat and asks him to clean the mess.

Rajat holds Vrinda and Dev slaps him to leave her. Dev says to Rajat that he can’t force her. Dev gives the ORS to Vrinda. Nayantara takes Vrinda with her. Dev’s cousin asks someone to bring the rum cake for Vrinda.

Vrinda’s father thinks that Vrinda’s 25th birthday was this year. He thinks that Vrinda experienced it this year. Vrinda’s mother comes to her that Vaishali was asking about it. She says that something has happened to him as he runs to the Parekhs without their invitation. She says that now he is not going even after her invitation.


He says that she can lie to her that he is sleeping. Vaishali knocks at the door and apologizes for disturbing them. Vrinda’s mother goes from there.

Vaishali says to Vrinda’s father that she was worried so she came here. Vaishali says that she didn’t find it right as Ketki was standing to hide. Vaishali says that she was thinking to settle her Dev’s life. Vaishali says that she wants her son, Dev to get married to Nayantara but Manyata wouldn’t let her do it.

Vaishali says that she has taken away her most priceless thing so she would not take her steps back. Vaishali asks Pandit Ji to help her. He says that he has heard everything so many times. He says that he will do something and greets her goodbye.

Vaishali thinks what has happened to the priest? Vaishali thinks why are he and Ketki behaving so oddly?

Dev’s cousin announces that the party is for their brother so it is free for all. They take Dev to cut the cake. Everyone eats the cake. Dev’s cousins make Vrinda eat the cake again and again. Nayantara gets the hint that something is wrong. Vrinda starts feelings unconsciously. Nayantara dances with Dev.

Vrinda also starts dancing. Dev also dances with Vrinda. Dev’s cousins take Vrinda with them.

Nayantara questions about Vrinda from Dev? Dev says that Vrinda might be with Rajat. Nayantara says that Rajat is sleeping after the drinks. Nayantara says that it was a rum cake so she is worried about her. Dev goes to find Vrinda.

Nayantara questions Rohan about Vrinda? Rohan says that he doesn’t know. Nayantara says that Dev has also gone to find her.

Dev’s cousins bring Vrinda into a room. Dev comes over there and questions what is happening? Dev holds Vrinda. Rohan also comes there and changes the topic that someone is in the pub with a medicine. Rohan says that they were telling all their family members about it.

They say that the guys who were with Vrinda might have used the medicine so they should find them. They run from there acting like they are going to catch them.

Vrinda is not in her senses and says that she wants to go to her home. Dev takes her. Nayantara locks the room.

Precap: Mayantara finds her real daughter, Vrinda. Manyata tells Vrinda everything!

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