Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20: Season 1 Finale Release Date, Will It Be Renewed For Season 2

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date, Spoilers, Synopsis, Promo, Updates
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date, Spoilers, Synopsis, Promo, Updates

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20: The final outcome of the super lethal fight between the almighty Z fighter Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and the Godslayer Hearts is going to uncover in the season 1 finale of the ‘Dragon Ball HEROES’. This ep 20 whose title says “Decisive Battle! Time Patrol vs Dark King!” is expected to be out very soon. (Check: Alita: Battle Angel 2.)

It is important that the fans should know that this episode is planned to be released exclusively for depicting the climax of the ‘Dark Demon Realm Mission’. It should not be misunderstood as an episode for giving rise to a new story arc for the next season of the Japanese anime.

Previously on DBH Episode 19: 

‘Dragon Ball HEROES’ already gave a heartbeat skipping experience to all the viewers with the episode 19. As foreseen, the viewers did well enjoyed the glorious victory of the warriors on the righteous side in the battle.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date, Spoilers, Synopsis, Promo, Updates
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date, Spoilers, Synopsis, Promo, Updates

The Z fighters were finally successful in their ultimate mission to defend the universe. Gogeta, emerging as the mightiest of all the fighters, did end up defeating the super powerful Godslayer Hearts overpowering him. Thus, the ‘universal conflict’ arc in the anime series met its end.

When none of the Z fighters was able to stop the evil Godslayer Hearts who was on the verge to destroy the universe, Goku and Vegeta were left with no choice but to merge together to fuse into a much more powerful entity.


This entity i.e. Gogeta was the only standing being who worked as a savior for the universe to shield it from the Hearts’ evil plans. All this could not have been so easily possible without the aid of other Z fighters like Hit and Jiren.

All the other Z fighters seemed to be in utmost terror when they could not manage to devise a successful plan to burst the giant meteor called upon towards earth by Hearts to explode the planet itself. But Gogeta without any fear just hit it with his Ki powers.

Successfully, the meteor was shifted into another direction taking it far away from the earth. The Godslayer used up all his might to kill Gogeta and the other Z fighters but somehow Gogeta was finally able to beat him while using all his strength.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 20 Release Date

Though, no specific date has been announced but the twentieth episode of the ‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ S01 would be out sometime in the February of 2020. Also, there is only just confirmation about the release of second season but no actual date or month has been specified for it.

Otakukart claims the release of the second season to happen sometime in the month of March, which is also set to depict the ‘Big Bang Mission’ arc.

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