One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date and Spoilers: Oden Battles Kaido & Orochi, Roger Gets A Death Sentence

One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Predictions and Updates
One Piece Chapter 929 Release Date and Official Spoilers

The history and background of Oden and Roger would reach their end in chapter 969 of One Piece which is surely about to come out very soon. It also implies that the most exciting parts of their respective stories are also gonna reveal as the climax of the chapter. The fans are only required to prepare for the thrill to experience. (Check: Now You See Me 3.)

There are still a lot of unknown mysteries to know about Oden and Wano country about which all the viewers seem highly curious to know. Also, there are some other fans who are missing Luffy as well as the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luckily for those fans, the good news is that the focus of the manga would shift back to the current time where Luffy is the protagonist once the manga is done with the Oden’s story in One Piece 969. It would be something like a dream come true for the fans.

One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Predictions and Updates
One Piece Chapter 969 Release Date, Manga Spoilers, Predictions and Updates

Pirate Roger and his crew:

Unfortunately, Roger and his crew would no longer be together. He is gonna abandon the ship and return to Wano. Sadly, by the time he would reach there, Orochi would have occupied the place with the assistance of Kaido.

Being the just and deserving Shōgun, Oden is the one who deserves to be the person leading Wano. So he would come in and terminate the whole army of Orochi. The thing which Orochi did to Wano was not tolerable to Oden at any cost.

Not so lucky for Oden as he was imprisoned by the government because of the instructions by Orochi. There are also some Reddit posts which claimed that Orochi is not really him as it appears to be but a rather old woman. She disguised herself as Orochi with the help of her devil fruit. Also, she was one of the most important members of Kaido’s crew.

Kaido’s card game revealed her name to be ‘Ace’ because she can instantly influence the fate of Kaido at any given time just like what an ace is supposed to do in a card game. She has the power of turning herself into any other desired person.

Roger is no more alive:

We would get to see Oden learning about Roger’s demise after a year they both parted in the upcoming chapter. He became upset after reading this in the newspaper. After this, an extreme battle is sparked between the Beast Pirates and Gecko where Moria would be probably seen carrying away Ryuma’s body.

The ‘One Piece’ treasure:

The ‘One Piece’ treasure which was already discovered by Roger Pirate seems to become unowned again after his death at the hands of the world government. However, it is quite interesting that before his very last breath, he announced the future finder of it to be assigned as its rightful owner.

Oden craving for revenge from Kaido and Orochi:

Orochi and Kaido crossed their limits when they sought Oden’s family to kill them all. This kind of extreme conduct by them triggered intense pain and anger in Oden. Now all he wants is to avenge his family but unluckily, he is supposed to die at the end of this upcoming chapter 969. Once, Oden is no more alive Luffy would come back to the present time again.

When to expect it to be out?

Chapter 969 of ‘One Piece’ shall be out on the 26th day of January but according to Otakukart reports the raw scans are supposed to arrive by the 23rd of January.

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