Overlord Season 2: Anime Release Date 2018, Manga Light Novel and Everything To Know

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overlord season 2 release date, trailer, spoilers, episodes, news, updates

The Overlord has been confirmed for the renewal. Anime studio Madhouse officially declared the release date for season 2. There has been a huge time gap between season 1 and season 2. The audience might be feeling excited to catch up with Overlord again in the new season. The first installment aired back in summer 2015. Since then, there has been no update. This gap has, eventually, allowed a big time for the team to build up a great story ahead of the anime.

Overlord Season 2 News and Updates

The story for Overlord anime came into inception when the writer Kugane Maruyama and the illustrator so-bin started to publish the Overlord light novel series back in 2012 via Enterbrain. The Overlord web novel was aired in 2010 and the story was quite different beginning with Volume 10. The Overlord book series is published up to Volume 11.

Overlord Volume 12 was released on September 30, 2017. The story was transformed into an Overlord manga series which started in late 2014. The manga adaptation was a much-loved one. This was a brilliant idea to launch the manga series up to Volume 4. Further, the serialization for the manga took place in Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine, Comp Ace.

Again, the Overlord English translation for both the light novels and the manga was published by Yen Press. Tthe English light novels have been covered up to Volume 5. Volume 6 has been planned to be released on January 23, 2018. There is an enormous number of fan translation projects which have already covered the remaining 11 volumes.

The fans might be waiting for too long to catch up with the updates for Overlord Season 2 release date. Read out the article to know the release date, spoilers and everything that will be seen in the new season.

Overlord Season 2 Release Date

The forthcoming Overlord light novel series’ Volume 12 is the proof supporting the release of Season 2 in the future. The Twitter account of Machida’s Animate Store launched the new book with some pictorial images on it. According to the jacket of the book, we get to know that the Overlord Season 2 release date is January 9, 2018.

According to the updates, Studio Madhouse hasn’t officially announced the number of episodes for the brand new season. There are no boundaries for the source material to draw the script. Probably, the studio is thinking to do a two-cour Season 2 which would have a total of 24 or 25 episodes.

Further, some news hunted that the Madhouse studio will be taking a step back from the work of One Punch Man season 2. This will, undoubtedly, be beneficial for Overlord script inspite of the fact that they are also premiering Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card/hen during the time of January 2018.

Don’t be sad if you missed it! The fans can catch up with its spin-off anime Pure Pure Pleiades and the Overlord OVA episode. The first movie premiered in February 2017 in Japan titled Overlord: Fushisha no O (Overlord: The Undead King). The next compilation movie premiered in March 2017 which was titled Overlord: The Dark Warrior.

The second compilation movie hinted the audience that it will be soon possible to catch up with Overlord Season 2. Co-incidentally, both the titles of both the compilation films were the same titles of the first two volumes of original Overlord light novel series by Kugane Maruyama.

overlord season 2 release date, overlord season 2 spoilers, overlord season 2 episodes, overlord season 2 news, overlord season 2 updates
overlord season 2 release date, trailer, spoilers, episodes, news, updates

Overlord: Comparison between Light novel series and manga to the anime

The first season of Overlord series had 13 episodes but it hardly scratched the source material (novel). Although, Madhouse took the step of adapting it without any kind of alteration. It neither inserted any filters nor deleted or skipped any part. The follow-up to thirteenth episode reveals that the anime series religiously pursued the storyline of the light novels.

The very big difference that came in the light seems to be the characterization. The motivational source for Momonga and Ainz Ooal Gown seems to be distinctive and unique. The anime includes the exploration of a New World exterior to the gates of the “Great Tomb” of Nazarick by Ainz out of curiosity.

Talking about the light novels, we see that the readers were given more perception to look into the character’s thoughts and views. With this, Ainz was left to make an investigation in the nearby village areas because he was terrified that his power levels might not match his strength of the former game world “Yggdrasil”.

Luckily for him, this is just an isekai adventure built with an OP story and so, there’s no reason left for him to feel terrorized. There must be an applause for Studio Madhouse too as they performed a great job by showing how Momonga’s mankind is, step-by-step, being consumed in both mind and body by his Lich form.

The job for sketching the emotions of a skeletal face is filled with difficult aspects for any animator. Here, much reliability was thrown on voiceovers for depicting Ainz’s inner thoughts.

The anime adaptation of the Overlord light novel series was seen till the Volume 3. Likewise, the manga seems to be far behind and quite different from the main story. Though we can catch up that the latest chapter 30 comprise of story events and happenings that will be shown in season 2 of the anime since the manga is tuned to volume 5 of the light novels.

During an interview with Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! magazine, Kugane (Overlord author) hinted that he had planned to write the story up to 50 pages long, but he fell in love with the characters.

Talking about the ideas for the stories, Kugane said: “I’ve been dealing with 50 volumes worth in this regard. Unfortunately, I don’t wish to write them all. At this point, I’m busy working for writing the end in my mind. And I don’t have any intention to drag the story more and more. I just wish to make a clear sorted ending in the story and that will take place somewhere around Volume 20. With this. we can say that the story is done halfway.”

Further, while explaining the reason behind why he altered the story of the light novels in contrast to the web novel, Kugane added:

“The logic behind this thought was that there was a need to change the story for light novel because it will be published for further reading and the people will be spending money for it. I wish that the people enjoy the very glance and think it as worth every penny.

There was an urgent demand to put the characters in like Albedo; Ainz turns out to be the boss of Nazarick and it seemed a difficult phase to get him go outside. So, I placed Albedo in to make it easy to get Ainz to go outside and drag the story further. This was just a little twist in the story that was unique. This shows how a single change can affect the storyline. It would be like an applause to my work if people who are reading the web version gets to explore new surprises while reading the novel version.”

Kugane was determined from the very beginning to bring an OP story into existence that seems like a realistic picture to readers. The main character was sketched undead as a human could face problems like poisoning or maybe getting attacked while asleep, but on the other hand, if he were undead, it solves all the issues.


Thus, following the protagonist, his followers were also depicted as non-human monsters. Further, this made some sense to encounter these followers be former NPCs because how would the human Momonga inspite of this get an extra capacity of indulging loyalty as an absolute ruler?

Thinking about the faraway future, the writer confessed that he might be putting some ideas into side stories as a separate novel. After the completion of the write-up for Overlord light novel series, Kugane wishes to catch up with a pro-wrestling romance comedy placed in a modern school with the involvement of lots of girls.

Check: Dies Irae season 2.

Overlord Season 2 Trailer

Overlord Season 2 Spoilers

The last catch up with Ainz Ooal Gown and his merry band of NPC followers of the “Great Tomb” of Nazarik was a deed to be talked of. Ainz just dragged down the rebellion by Shalltear Bloodfallen, the Loli vampire. Overlord Volume 3 and Episodes 10 through 13 from the first anime covered a huge part of this story.

Things become more wicked in Volume 4. Here, Ainz dispatched Cocytus and army of non-human monsters to disturb the restful lizardmen tribes as a part of an experiment. The story has been largerly revealed from the perspective of Zaryusa Shasha, a lizardman who united the tribes again Nazarik as the Lizardmen Alliance.

The lizardmen achieve initial victory against the enemies. This was like a shocking news for Cocytus. And the Nazarik leader is left stirred by the lizardmen and raises a question for Ainz as to think about including the tribes into Nazarik’s forces instead of killing them.

When Cocytus returned with another undead army, Zaryusa and his brother thought of parlaying it with the grander Nazarik’s forces. They get to encounter that Ainz solidified a huge lake just because he didn’t want mud on his shoes.

Ainz told them that if they achieve success against Cocytus in the battle, they’ll more close to their freedom. But, if they failed to win, they would be commanding under Cocytus. The ending of the battle wasn’t spoiled and in this regard, Ainz applied a dual synchronization of both mercy and magic to win the hearts of the lizardmen.

The viewers need to understand that it is an OP story and for the same, the author will be seen constructing the wicked characters or the rivalries for the purpose of making them look powerful. In addition, a very compatible artist is dealing with him to make it look more scary for the viewers. The very efforts are tried to sum-up showing how OP Ainz is in real.

Kugane disclosed: “Constructing them to match up with a level of much power and toughness and then, the defeat by Ainz so swiftly that looks like a running gag execution in the series. That’s quite entertaining on some part. Further, there is an appearance that is like disclosing how much of a gap is present.”

The lizardmen’s story seems to have been concluded with just one volume. The Overlord volume 5 and volume 6 is filled with the story that indulges appearance of the characters like Climb (bodyguard of the Re-Estize Kingdom’s Golden Princess), Brain Unglaus (mercenary who defied Shallyear vampire in the anime and astrayed), Sebas Tian (head butler of Nazarick).

What a twisted plot between the three men! This eventually made them to come face to face with Eight Fingers (an underground criminal organisation). The leader of Eight Fingers is furious with the Kingdom’s Princess as she was the one who prohibited slavery which was the main source of income for the criminals. And with this the adventure take off its journey when they have been indulging in kidnapping the women.

On the other hand, the remaining half of the story is comprised with the battle and intrigue of the Re-Estize Kingdom. The preceeding volume had featured Sebas going rogue. In due course, Ainz himself deals with the matter and started the investigation with the Victim, Demiurge and Cocytus.

A test was conducted to prove butler’s loyalty. However, an elementary shopping mission got converted into the kidnapping of Tuare (the maid) who was the older sister of Ninya. She had become a maid of Nazarik and was under the protection of Ainz. Further, Ainz’s force members were also added in getting her rescued.

In the meantime, a force including the Six Arms and Eight Fingers group gets ready to battle against various characters involving the Blue Rose and an Adamantite class adventurer group. The entwined storylines ultimately reach a pinnacle along with Nazarik’s NPC Defence Commander, Demiurge disguised as the “Demon Lord Jaldabaoth.”

Demiurge is hiding behind the name “Jaldabaoth” and using it for his own goals. He plans to attack the Eight Fingers along with kidnapping the citizens and assaulting the storehouses. For this, Demiurge prepares to launch a demon invasion on the royal capital city. This would be an appropriate conclusion for the Overlord Season 2 presuming Madhouse studio plans on only 12 episodes.

Probably, anime fans need to wait till the Overlord season 3 before catching up with the story of Volumes 7 through 9. Possibly, there are chances that the second season will come up in two cours.

Both volumes 7 and 8 comprise of side stories which deal with the daily life routine of Ainz in Nazarik and Enri Emmor (Chief of Carne Village). Sundry number of workers and adventurers also contributed in making the mistake of probing the mysterious tomb which suddenly came into existence in the New World.

How can we miss the part in Volume 7 where Ainz announced that he wish to take over the whole New World! With this, Ainz thought to establish Nazarik as a self-governing nation to be named as the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Ainz moves forward and joins Emperor Jircniv (form the Baharuth Empire). But the emperor is petrified by Ainz’s sovereignty. At the same time, makes a partnership with the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Slane Theocracy against Nazarik. However, Ainz gets to know about the opposition of the Emperor and calls him a “fool”.

It leads to an open confrontation between them. This eventually leads to a war among the nations. This warfare would be making a perfect conclusion for either Overlord Season 2 or Season 3, depending upon the cours.

The entertainment for the viewers is not going to be any less in the anime adaptation. There is no doubt that the light novel series is filled with such interesting points. But, Kugane employs his great skills to film a great anime for the anime lovers. As of now, Overlord season 2 release date is not officially out yet,

Are you excited for Overlord Season 2? What do you think will be the best ending for the next season? Share your thoughts in the comment box below. We’ll update the page as soon as we hear the latest stuff.

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