The World God Only Knows Season 4 To Release In 2019?

The World God Only Knows Season 4 Release Date 2018 & Spoilers
The World God Only Knows Season 4 Release Date 2018 & Spoilers

The talks for The World God Only Knows season 4 are already hot. The manga illustrated and written by Hideyuki Kurata has been adapted into the anime series with the same name. It debuted on October 6, 2010, on TV Tokyo. Shigehito Takayanagi and Hideyuki Kurata have directed and written the first three seasons respectively.

While Manglobe Studios produced it. After such a historic and successful three installments, the fans have been patiently waiting for the fourth one to release soon. The first season aired from October 6 to December 22, 2010. The second one started on April 12, 2011, and ended on June 28, 2011. The third installment came on July 8, 2013, to September 23, 2013. All the three seasons consisted of 12 episodes each.

Is The World God Only Knows season 4 coming?

Yes, it’s possible. There have been speculations over the time that the manga series has been finished, already. So, it’s being rumored that there w on’t be any fourth installment of TheWorldGodOnlyKnows. But, the truth is that the story is yet to finish as there is enough material left to be told. So, the new season may be a time-travel arc.


The World God Only Knows Season 4 Release Date 2018 & Spoilers

The fans got shocked when they heard that the production studio Manglobe has gone bankrupt. The latest updates regarding the studio is that they came with Genocidal Organ – an anime film produced by Geno Studio. This last venture of theirs released on February 3, 2017, and garnered a lot of positive reviews from both the critics and the audiences.

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The season 4 of The World God Only Knows will help the studio to make its comeback in the industry. It’s because the series has been one of their most successful anime series including Deadman Wonderland and Owari No Seraph. All of them have a huge and loyal fanbase.

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Besides all, it is being said that some other studio may pick up the series to continue. There are possibilities too as fans are filing petitions to continue it as soon as possible. These petitions show the cravings for the anime. So, it can be done anytime. So, it aims in the direction that the upcoming season will be a hit when released.

The World God Only Knows Season 4 Release Date

It is unfortunate that we don’t have the exact update on the release date. It’s because the producers and studio haven’t said any official word regarding it. We hope that it will be premiered in 2019.

The production studio behind the series, Manglobe is still recovering from its bad financial state. So, there is no concrete news about the sequel. There are hopes that this year we will get some definite news regarding it as the studio’s last venture, the Genocidal Organ anime film was a decent success.

Until then, stay tuned to The Reporter Times for more updates.

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    • I’m actually from Philippines…..
      This anime is so cool and amazing!!!
      And I think this would be list to my favoritebanime in my notes ❤ .. I already watched these 3 seasons and I looooove it!!! I was so grateful because it makes me happy when I’m not in mood.😍 But sadly, in the last part of season 3… It makes me so saaaaad😭 So at this time.. pleaaaaaaseeeee! Make a season 4 on this anime… I want to make my life to bloom like a flower😳😍 hopefully….

  1. cant wait for it to come out. Then ending of third season was sad and left an opening for a season 4. Dont leave it like this please. Hope theres a season 4…

  2. Just finished all the 3 seasons.. But i want more..

    Thank you for making this anime.. 🙇🙇🙂 i really loved it..
    Please don’t stop on making anime like this one.. 😊😁
    I hope they’ll be more shows/series or movie if possible for this anime..

    #an otaku from the Philippines.. ✌😁

  3. To be honest, at this point I don’t really care about a season 4. What I really wish is TWGOK to continue. I know Wakami had to rush to finished but I’m still craving for more. This is one of, if not best romantic comedy series I’ve read

  4. O pls make s4 this year this is really beautiful anime 😍 gladly waiting for it as I m not interested in reading manga plz make s4 this year

  5. I’m still waiting for the main finale 😒
    Will you guys get on with it already it’s 2020 now and still no news from this
    When is the anime releasing….!!!!

  6. IM so in love with this anime,its feel so unique I dont want to rush the company but pls if there is any chances pls make a ss4 pls cause im so in love with it pls i still have the believe that it can be continue.

    Love from Thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭❤❤

  7. Tolong buat lagi season 4 nya!!
    Masih banyak pertanyaan pertanyaan dari Fans yg belum di jawab, seperti asal usul sekolah Majima yg masih jadi misteri..


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