Tubelight 3rd Day Collection: 1st Weekend/ Sunday Box Office Earnings – 100.15 crores

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Tubelight 10th Day Collection Second Sunday Box Office Earnings

Tubelight 3rd Day Collection: Salman Khan’s Tubelight is rocking every possible advance booking record of the box office. Tubelight 3rd day collection continues to be on top charts when it comes to films released with advance booking. 1st weekend earnings of Salman Khan’s film was able to make some small records on the box office as well. Film continues to be second highest collector in India of 2017. Salman continues to dominate Northern Indian market this time as well.

Tubelight 1st Weekend earnings appears to be more than of Baahubali from the Hindi audience. Tubelight couldn’t release in Telugu and Tamil because of being an adapted version of hollywood movie “Little boy”. The movie’s market was not big as of Baahubali, but Tubelight collections performed really well on the Indian market for quite while.

The occupancy during the first day remains higher than the mark of 40% around the country. The film was released on a massive scale which will definitely be a contributing factor. Morning shows went way better in comparison to the evening one’s, definitely when the reviews started floating in.

Improvement in occupancy marks observed during the 2nd and 3rd day. Cinema halls started getting completely filling up because of scheduled releases in multiplexes. Advance booking seems to be going adamant which shows the love of Salman Khan fans. Occupancy of as much as 80% (On the higher end) could be seen for the Sunday night shows.

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Tubelight 3rd Day Collection

Overall occupancy on 2nd day remains quiet adamant to the mark of 55% while on the Sunday its expected to be the biggest day for Salman Khan with turnout rate of 60% in the metropolitan cities. Derivatives are hard to figured for all the screening in the rural areas.

The film was released on 4350 screens in India which is way less than the total number of screens gathered by Baahubali in India itself. One of the prime reason was improper promotions in the Southern Indian market and release of Super Singh in Northern India. Diljit Dosanjh‘s Super Singh have a good impact over the Punjabi and Punjabi-Hindi audience resulting fallback for Salman Khan in gathering screens.

With only 4350 screens in India which is even less than Salman Khan’s Sultan screens. Movie gathered around 1200 screens overseas which is a good mark. As the release in Pakistan faces some political problems, the number couldn’t reach big by Friday. However, Production must be expecting the release before Eid. A good market capturing could be seen from Dubai and Gulf countries.

Tubelight Day-wise collection

Domestic Earnings
Friday: 21.15 Crores
Saturday: 21.5Crores – Early Trends
Sunday: 31.5 Crores – Early Trends
Domestic Weekend Total: 74.15 crores

International Total till date (As Reported): 26Crores (Till date) (60% from UAE and Gulf countries)

Tubelight 1st Day Collection: It was very nice opening for Salman Khan. Hopes were less as even the most acquainted critic of Salman Khan, Taran Adarsh gave a down star to the film. Even after fringe difficulties film was able to score big 21.15 crores on the box office making it 2nd film of the year to do that. It was not the biggest opener for Salman Khan.

However, it failed to go such big in the overseas market. From UAE alone it minted out around 1 million dollars which is roughly 6 crore rupees. A better response is expected in the upcoming days from the international market.

tubelight,Tubelight 3rd Day Collection, tubelight audience review, tubelight review, tubelight twitter review, tubelight review roundup
Tubelight 3rd Day Collection

Tubelight 2nd Day Collection did really well in comparison to the first day. Because of the ongoing weekend, night and evening shows took a hike with surge in ticket pricing. Film was successful in minting out more than 28 crore rupees as earnings on the second day. It would be interesting to see whether it could cross the mark of 30 crore on Sunday or not.

For the first time in dime, Salman has released the film on Friday considering Muslim audience could watch the film before Eid festival. The things didn’t appear to be going fine. Because of a busy weekday, many avoided going for the show. However, a good charm observed on Saturday.

Tubelight 3rd Day collection: 1st Weekend Box Office Earnings ends up with Sunday. The official weekend may be ending with the day but extended eid weekend could be to Monday or Tuesday. Sunday went really well with amazing response from the theaters across the country. On its 3rd day, film have collected 31.5 crores (As per early trends, final report will be released after the day).

Considering the pre-Eid period and promos’ response, it can be considered just about decent. Expectations are that it will record a big jump over the 1st weekend at the box office. And it will be benefitted from the Eid holidays on the weekdays.

Keeping the current statistics in mind, Tubelight collection will be an average day. Data will be updated. So far, it has been the lowest opening for a Salman Khan film in the recent times. On comparing, it registered even lower occupancy than Shahrukh Khan’s Raees which had a clash. The expectations seem to have been shattered.

Considering the other relevant factors, there are many other scheduled films for the upcoming month including Jagga Jasoos which would substantially affect earnings in the long run. Tubelight box office collection might not be able to cross the mark of 300 crores by this weekend itself but it may probably cross the mark of 300 crore earnings with the end of this month.

tubelight,Tubelight 3rd Day Collection, tubelight audience review, tubelight review, tubelight twitter review, tubelight review roundup
Tubelight – Salman Khan getting a still with Children of Town

So far Tubelight collections were able to rock the box office after becoming 100 crore film in just a span of 3 days which is a great thing in itself. So Salman Khan have finally made it to another Hundred crore film in 2017 as well.

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