Tubelight 4th/ 5th Day Collection Monday 1st Weekend Box Office Earnings

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Tubelight 10th Day Collection Second Sunday Box Office Earnings

Tubelight 4th Day Collection Monday Box Office Earnings

Salman’s Tubelight has a great weekend on Indian box office. The film was released 3 days before Eid’s official holiday considering the overall opportunity. Film didn’t grow much big because of on going Ramazan and various other factors. Eid is considered as one of the most important day for Tubelight collections. Lets find out how the film was able to meet our expectations.

Tubelight, Tubelight Collections, Salman Khan, Box Office Collections
Tubelight 4th Day Collection

Tubelight Day Wise Collection report

Tubelight Collection  Amount
1st Week
Friday 21.15 cr
Saturday 21.17  cr
Sunday 22.45 cr
Total Collection 64.77 cr


Tubelight 1st Day Collection

Friday (Opening Day): 21.15 Crore rupees. The occupancy was good enough throughout the day. Film didn’t went low on marks when compared with overall response from Hindi audience. The overall earnings from India are similar to what Baahubali have earned as its first day box office earnings. With almost 45% occupancy in the theaters and Mass centers ruling the figure, it was a good day for Tubelight.

Considering other releases of Salman Khan which were a big in box office, Tubelight collections didn’t performed perfect on the opening day.

Tubelight 2nd Day Collection

Saturday (1st Day of Weekend): Tubelight’s 2nd day on Indian box office was below the expectations. While Bollywood Critic KRK claims himself a reason of that, Experts believe the downfall was a reason because of ongoing ramadan and negative reviews. On its 2nd day, film scored a bit good marks in overall occupancy with serving 47% full theaters across the country.


As its earnings from the second day in Domestic box office market, Salman Khan’s film have collected 21.17 crores. The ticket prices were on hike which have resulted decline in occupancy.

Tubelight 3rd Day Collection

Sunday (1st Weekend): There were a lot of expectations from the forthcoming Sunday. Despite being a superhit with Hindi audience, film failed to score anything ‘big’ on the box office. The third day didn’t went really well with mere 22.45 crore in the pocket as its last day earnings on official weekend. Next day of extended weekend matters a lot to decide the actual future.

Occupancy was below the expectations. Many shows in metropolitan cities observed a rate of less than 30% which is disastrous. Overall occupancy rate continues to be same in Mass centers while a decline observed in multiplexes.

Tubelight 4th Day Collection – 19.61 crore rupees.

Tubelight 4th Day collection (1st Weekend Extended): Alike all other films of Salman Khan, Tubelight released on an extended weekend hoping to bag some additional points on the BO. Counting an extra day proved somehow helpful for the film. Occupancy of more than 65% observed in many theaters across the country because of Eid.

As its 4th day earnings, Tubelight collections reached mark of 19.61 crore rupees in India. The said decline was because of being a weekday and most of the fans have already watched the film.

Tubelight Overseas Collection

United States:Not so great business in United States. Despite having a good number of screens, Occupancy failed to touch mark of 10% in many screens.

UAE and Gulf Countries: Film had really big opening with around 6 crore earnings on the opening day itself. Lately the collections started going down.

So far Tubelight have collected around 20 crores from the Overseas market which is strictly average considering size of release.

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Tubelight 4th Day Collection

Verdict: No matter what, Salman Khan’s film once again survived the negative reviews. Box Office Collections didn’t went down than the figure of 20 crores before the first weekend. In the recent times we have seen dramatic downfall in SRK’s box office market.

Tubelight may cross the mark of 300 crore as its lifetime earnings including sale of broadcasting rights.

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