Victoria Season 3 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Victoria Season 3 release date, Victoria Season 3 spoilers, Victoria Season 3 episodes, Victoria Season 3 trailer, Victoria Season 3 cast, Victoria Season 3 news, Victoria Season 3 updates
Victoria Season 3 release date, Victoria Season 3 spoilers, Victoria Season 3 episodes, Victoria Season 3 trailer, Victoria Season 3 cast, Victoria Season 3 news, Victoria Season 3 updates

Victoria Season 3: It will release on its scheduled time. ITV recently confirmed the renewal of the Victoria. Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes will be reprising their roles in the third installment. The fans must be excited to know more about the new season. Read out the article to know everything related to S3 with all new updates.

It has been officially confirmed by ITV. In fact, it was recommended by ITV to launch a third tier of Victoria. Now, the next chapter of Queen Victoria’s life will be scripted for next series. This seems to be an amazing news for the audience watching out the series from the very first chapter. So far, we have a rollercoaster ride in the Queen Victoria’s life.

Victoria Season 3 Release Date

Poly Hill, the head of drama at ITV said: “We feel much delighted to know that the love for Victoria by the nation is unstoppable. Coloured with different petals of love, passion, drama and political crises, Daisy Goodwin’s scripts show that this engrossing section of history come to life so beautifully that no one can stop their eye from being attracted to it. Further, we look ahead to entertaining the fans with the revised parts of the eminent Queen’s reign.”

Earlier, the drama was expected to come in August 2018 following the tradition. The first two seasons were released in the same month. Moreover, it will come along with eight episodes like the previous installments. But, before that, the fans will be getting a feature-length Christmas special to keep their hunger in control.

But, the filming for season three started in late May 2018. Thus, so far, no official air date has been revealed. However, the show is expected to return to ITV either in the autumn of 2018 or early 2019, unless the makers decide to hold it for long.

We are counting on January 13, 2019.

What will happen in Victoria Season 3: Events

Daisy Goodwin (creator) said:

“The next renewed chapter will begin its journey in 1847 which was a massive action-packed and eventful time lapse for both the royal family and Europe, grown out with great revolutionary moments on the continent and around the monarchy. Series 3 will feature more drama than before.”

As of writing this, Victoria Season 3 hasn’t been started with the script part but in a special interview with, Goodwin came out with her plans for the next series.

Goodwin said: “Maybe this time I need to set up a great exhibition and the show is going to invite a lot more children.”

Victoria Season 3 release date, Victoria Season 3 spoilers, Victoria Season 3 episodes, Victoria Season 3 trailer, Victoria Season 3 cast, Victoria Season 3 news, Victoria Season 3 updates
victoria season 3 release date

Qwent (television producer) said:

“I think we’ll succeed with the idea of the great exhibition and also this will demand for the revolutionary year 1848 in Europe when lots of monarchies collapsed and a lot of people were in the thought that the Brit ish monarchy won’t be able to survive.”

It was the closest when Britain got to a revolution in the 19th century when the French king was thrown off the throne. There were riots in Berlin, and Victoria & Albert were terrified as hell.

Also, the upcoming season will reveal the sexual tensions between Victoria and Albert. In eight years, she has delivered six babies which is a lot. So, she may find herself in despair as her husband is making her pregnant. Goodwin is planning to depict that the Queen may have withheld sex from her spouse.

Victoria Season 3: The return of Lord Melbourne

The character Lord Melbourne was in the state of ill health in Victoria Season 2 of the ITV show after learning the critical diagnosis from his doctor. Little chances say that he would survive for a much longer time when the Queen (Jenna Coleman) visited him at his London residence and vouchsafed him with a gift in season 2.

However, there may be some hope for Lord Melbourne – as he has been in demand by the fans and the royal herself.

Goodwin said: “If you give a close attention to it, you will get know that I didn’t actually kill him. I never say never. Probably, it’s possible if there’s a renewed season. I’m not trying to rule anything out.”

Victoria Season 3 Cast and characters

The next season will be coming back with the leads again for the fans. Jenna Coleman as Victoria and Tom Hughes as her husband Prince Albert will be showing their skills in Victoria Season 3.

There is a chance that most of the other cast members will be back too. David Oakes as Albert’s brother Prince Ernest, Margaret Clunie as Harriet, Daniela Holtz as Baroness Lehzen, Ferdinand Kingsley as chef Francatelli, Nell Hudson as Mrs. Skerrett and The Duchess of Sutherland will be back in the run.

Along with the renewed characters, some new characters will also be joining the Victoria season3. When the tv show will explore new chapters of the famous queen’s reign, some new characters also will be explored. This seems to be exciting for the audience watching out.

  • Kate Fleetwood as Queen’s sister Feodora
  • Laurence Fox as Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston
  • Lily Travers as the Duchess of Monmouth
  • John Sessions as Prime Minister John Russell
  • Nicholas Audsley, David Burnett and Emily Forbes have unknown roles

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Victoria Christmas Special 2018: Release date

Alike the Downton Abbey, Victoria had its Christmas special in 2017. The featured episode for Victoria had a two-hour length on Christmas day (December 25, Monday) on ITV at 9 pm.

The title of Victoria Christmas special is “Comfort and Joy” and it featured the tensions flash up between Victoria and Albert throughout the festive period. Buckingham Palace was blanketed in snow and there were candles and Christmas trees galore.

We don’t know if there would be a Christmas special in 2018 too. Only the eight-episode series has been confirmed.

How to watch Victoria season 1 and season 2 online?

The viewers can catch up with the royal family’s first series on Netflix. For the second series, it’s available on DVD. So, you can order it while a few episodes are available on ITV Hub.

Have any thoughts for the next season? Share in the comment box below. For more victoria season 3 release date, related updates and news hub, stay tuned to TheReporterTimes. We’ll update the page as soon as we get more upgrades. Keep watching “Victoria!”

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